First Aid & CPR Basics : First Aid for a Choking Infant or Small Child

Hi again, I’m Michelle of the AD HOC Group.
If an infant is choking, pick him up and then sit or squat, place the infant face down along
one arm. Hold the infants chin and jaw in that hand to support the head and neck, but
don’t cover the mouth. Tilt the infant downward at a 30 to 45 degree angle to allow gravity
to help the object fall out of the infant’s mouth. If you can stretch one leg out and
use it to support your arm and the infant, this would be more stable. Slap the infant
firmly between the shoulder blades five times with the heel of one hand. Then carefully
turn the infant over by placing the free hand on the back infant’s head and with the arm
extended down his back to support the head and neck. Gently flip the infant over and
wait for his arms and legs to stop moving. Before you’re stable before removing your
hand from his face. Place two fingers on his sternum, in the same place as for compressions,
and give five brisk thrust to try to expel the object. If the object doesn’t come out,
turn the infant over face down as before and continue alternating five back blows with
five chest thrust until the object is expelled or until the infant becomes unconscious. If
the infant becomes unconscious, begin five cycles of CPR, then call 911. Continue giving
CPR until an emergency help arrives. Every time you give breaths open his mouth, see
if you can see the object and if you can see it, reach in and try to remove it, but be
careful not to push it back into his airway.

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