First Aid & CPR Basics : Proper Rate of CPR Chest Compressions

Hi again, I’m Michelle of the AD HOC Group.
Now that you know where to position your hands and how deep to compress, we’re going to
work on compressing at the right rate, compressions should be done at a rate of one hundred a
minute. That’s almost two each second. You should complete 30 compressions in about 18
to 20 seconds to maintain a rate of about a hundred a minute. Compress along with me,
if you want to time yourself, practice by doing eight every five seconds and adjust
your speed until you’re close to that rate. Make sure your hands are positioned correctly,
length wise on the sternum, one hand on top of the other, fingers interlocked and no pressure
directly on the ribs. For adults, compress one-in-a-half to two inches, for children
compress one-half to one-third, the depth of their chest, release all pressure allowing
the chest to fully recoil between compressions. Practice until you’re comfortable with these
steps and then go on to the next clip. Now you’re ready to combine compressions with
breaths. The new standard is 30 compressions to 2 breaths for adult, children and infants.
By giving 30 compressions without stopping, the blood flow isn’t interrupted and when
kept moving it does a better job of making more oxygen available to the brain, heart
and other organs. It also reduces the risks of blood clots forming; this is one of the
biggest changes in the guidelines. Count out loud, so you keep track of the compressions
as you practice, then reposition the head, give two breaths and resume compressions.
Do five cycles of breaths and compressions. If the victim was a child, you’d be calling
for help now, after you’ve done your two minutes of CPR. Continue with the CPR until
the ambulance arrives. Play this segment over several times, practicing alone until you’re
comfortable with the sequence of steps and compression rate.

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  1. Thanks Michelle – This is very helpful – I am actually using this in my classrooms for community upliftment

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