First Aid: Distress

(siren wails) [GEMMA]: Hello. I’m Gemma. [SYLVIE] (sobbing): That poor kid, I mean, she probably didn’t even see him coming. [G]: I know, but she’s on the way to the hospital now, thanks to you. And they will take care of her. [S]: There was a moment there where I didn’t know if… I mean I didn’t know what sort of state she was in… and then she started to move and I didn’t think… [G] (calmly): I know, I know. It was really, really, frightening but you did everything that you could. Is there anything that I can do? Do you want to come inside the house for a while, or I can call someone for you, maybe? [S]: I think I just need to take a few minutes. Look at the state of me, I’m a mess. It wasn’t even me that was hurt. [G]: Don’t be embarrassed. It’s understandable that you’re shaken up. But you did the right thing, and you called the ambulance straight away. You’ve done everything exactly as you should. [S]: Do you think so?
[G]: Yeah, I really do. Shall we go somewhere more quiet, and maybe call someone you know? Calm yourself Establish trust Show them you are listening and ask them what they need Remember:
Show them you are listening and ask them what they need


  1. When I go to England, I'm staying away from Park St. LOL Love how these videos are done! Good job!

  2. Good vid, just a couple of things to point out, it would be really nice to perhaps crouch down to the lady in the wheelchair, equal eye level its not so intimidating, could also hold her hand, that's always nice and comforting,
    And of coarse, why not move the bike, the rider might like it back, also it could be a trip hazard, getting in the way, could be damaged who,s to stop someone else picking it up and trying to ride off,could be another accident, (Yep, I,m an advanced first aider and proud

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