First Aid for a Cut Hand

– Hello, I’m Emma Hammett,
the founder and CEO of First Aid for Life
and There’s been a lot in the news recently about the dangers of avocados and people accidentally
cutting their hands really quite badly and
requiring plastic surgery in some cases because the avocado slips. I just wanted to run through what you should do as basic first aid should you have a severe cut to your hand. First of all, protect yourself from any danger, so remove that knife so that
you don’t cut yourself as well. Sit the casualty down and have a look at the wound and see whether it’s running that way, or if it’s running that way. What you want to do when
you are bandaging the wound is to try and close the wound. Initially they’ve cut their hand, you grab something clean and non-fluffy and you apply direct pressure. Or you get them to apply direct pressure. If you’ve got gloves
on, that is even better. So you’d be applying direct
pressure to the wound, you would sit them down
or if it’s really bad, you would lie them down
and elevate their legs. You would hold and apply
pressure to the wound. Don’t be tempted to wash it. Have a quick look and
when you’ve identified which way the wound is bleeding, then you want to apply your bandage to shut the wound. So if it is this way, you
would apply your bandaging this way over the wound so
that it would be closing the wound as you bandaged. If it was across the palm of the hand, you can apply the bandage like that so you get them to hold it and you can get them
to make a fist over it. Then you would bandage it shut like that. Get them to a hospital because
it’s likely to need stitches. Make sure they stay warm, stay dry, and stay as calm as they possibly can. Hope that has been helpful. That’s Emma Hammett, and

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