First Aid for Burning Injury at Home II जल जानने पर घरेलु प्राथमिक चिकित्सा II

Welcome to healthcare at home We are doing the series on first aid and today we will talk about the burning injury See, if you are burnt like you have got any type of burnt injury then what you have to do firrstly Open the pan and put your hand under the running water if you have got burnt injury for a sufficient time like for 4 to 5 minutes. because what actaully happens burning travel in our body as per layer types of the skin it goes one by one deep inside the skin, moment you shower water on it so its travelling become stop and the burning effect becomes unable to get into deep inside your skin. if you don’t have tap then your dip your hand in any vessel full of water if you have burning hand or any other part of your body get it immediately dip in the water, what next to do? most easily first aid is, tooth paste is available at everyone’s home whenever you have any burn injury then immediately apply toothpaste wherever you got the burnt njury with this you will get relief in the burning and if the burning was about to travelling inside your skin then this will stop its travel. Apart from this wheat flour is available at everyone’s home so either you take a small dough of wheat flour or instant prepare a small portion of its dough and apply the dough of wheat flour wherever you have got burnt what will happen with this the burn will become calm & will be end in sometime. Neither you will have vesicles & slowly-slowly pain will be completely ruled out. if you have pomegranate tree at our home and then application of its leaves paste will also give you relief. if you are burn from hot water then take sesame seeds, grind it and prepare its paste and you must apply this paste to the area where you are burnt. then you will get relief in burning, apart from that castor leaves grind them and prepare a paste and apply that paste also will also help you to get instant relief. one more remedy i will tell you , and this is very easy for those who lives in villages. Take pink leaves of Bargad tree and mix it into the curd prepares of cow’s milk and make its paste. if you have nay type of major burning , apply this paste tna you will notice that within few time your burning effect will calm down completely & neither vesicle will occur not burning will increase. Isn’t the remedies were easy? Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel, tell your friends & relatives to subscribe this channel. get the health benefits while sitting at home.and support us in our motive, our motive is to maximum number of people should get the health benefits while sitting at home so don’t forget to share our videos as maximum as you can. Thank You…


  1. Sir, meri body per charbi (fat) ki ganthe aa gayi hain kafi saari (lypoma), mainly hands per. Please mujhe home remedies batayein inko remove kerne ke liye. waiting for your reply. regards

  2. Sir mujhe gaal par ringworm huaa hai aur Maine waha garlic laga kar raat bhar rakha. aur morning me mujhe waha chhale ho gaye.kya karu pls bataoo

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