First Aid for Insect Bites : How to Treat a Mosquito Bite

You know few insect stings or bites can cause
pain and discomfort like the common mosquito bite. Treating the common mosquito bite can
take various forms. Hi, I am Captain Joe Bruni and what I’m going to talk about is how to
treat an d stop the itch of the common mosquito bite. There are many remades out there. However
a few of the common ones are applying things like aloe vera gel, common baking soda made
form a paste, calamine lotion, stick deodorant applied to the site, tooth paste with it’s
anti itch properties in the fluoride or even cream that is designed for hemorrhoid use.
Can all reduce the itching effects for a common mosquito bite. Benadryl can also be taken
or some type of anti histamine cream applied to the area. To help reduce swelling along
with the irritation from scratching and itching. Keep in mind scratching the site area of where
the bites have occurred can open up the body to routs of secondary forms of infection.
Try to avoid scratching and one of the common household products that I’ve mentioned to
quickly reduce the itch of the common mosquito bite. I am Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe and
we’ll see you next time.


  1. I just tried the toothpaste thing, and it worked. It wasnt like an immediate stop to the itchiness but it was within 5 minutes. Thanks Cap!

  2. i had atleast 14 misquito bites i was at camp sleeping on the back of my friends friends truck and my friends got bit to so i looked up how to care a misquito bite and here i am

  3. I was bitten on the neck, and I can't say for sure what bit me, because I crushed it before I had a good look. A couple of minutes after the bite, I started experiencing random pain all over my body. The pain was mild, but I'm afraid that I have been poisoned by something.

  4. I got bitten on my finger, and now its huge swollen, red, itchy, and painful. It spread down to my knucke. Idk what to do. How long do these things last?

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