First Aid for Minor Injuries : How to Get Over the Fear of Needles

You know, at some point in time we all have
to face the fact that we’re going to get a shot or give blood. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni.
What I’m going to talk about is how to get over the fear of needles. The fear of needles
can be a pretty traumatic experience for most people. To begin with, do not pay attention
to the syringe or the needle itself. Do not even look at it. When you go in to have any
type of needle work done, and this includes tattooing and acupuncture both, pretend you
have some type of horse blinder on. Do not look at the vials that contain medications.
Do not look at anything that has to do with needles. Close your eyes, and try to go into
a relaxed, peaceful state of mind by envisioning maybe one of your favorite places where you
like to vacation or go to relax. Focus on this place. The whole needle process normally
takes less than thirty seconds. After the needle process is over you will see that the
experience wasn’t as bad as your fear itself. I’m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe, and we’ll
see ya’ next time.


  1. He is an idiot. It isn't that simple. "Just don't look…find a happy place" is a really insulting and condescending way to address a phobia. He might as well have just said…"quit being such a puss and just get your shot."

  2. Well I have to get a shot in a few days for highschool and well imr eally nervous but if i were you take an mp3 player and listen to some tunes and look at whos be honest finding ur happy place makes u more nervous…hell i know im not gonna say whole look a needle whats it gonna do and just stare im looking away from that thing…some music shall be fine just distract yourself

  3. Yeah i know that feeling, cause your like anticipating it, you know its coming and its rolling over and over in your head, i think looking at something and talking or anything is better then closing the eyes, but been heavily distracted would be good

  4. i have quite a sevre fear of needles that once i punched a nurse in the eye waving my arms everywhere throwing a tantrum when she tried to take blood and ran out of the room with that strappy thing still on my arm , so recently i tried this technique , they put the strap on but i coulnt help but look the needle was just about to go in and i screamed 'I WANNA BE IN DISNEYLAND' and passed out ,, they got the blood in the end :L i was so embarresed when i walked out cos all these kid were like wtf

  5. huh- nothing works for me:( mine is so severe, that when i had my first Cervical cancer jab (the one for scchool) i screamed and cried, trried to look away but my head kept turning back- the fear was so irational, i kept sticking my hand over my arm, making myself almost get stabbed- in the end the nurse tricked me and pinned me to the chair so i could'nt run.

  6. i have a fear of needles and i flail my arms around my nurse pins me down.
    btw shes fat 🙁

  7. Ugh not true. I cant even think about needles without shuddering. I havent gotten blood drwn in 4 yrs cuz i dont bleed! Is tht a medical problem? Everytime i have to gey bloodwork the lab jabs my arms, hands, and all 10of my fingers. It hurts like a bitch and i always pass out- hence the fear. Plus i cant even fill half a baby tube with all those jabs 🙁 dammit i hate needles.

  8. OH GOD. Thinking that you're blind makes it even worse! THE NEEDLE MADE ME BLIND. I have a fear of needles, blood and pain, but I wanna be a doctor…

  9. "Do not look at the viles that contain medication"
    "Do not look at anything that has to do with needles"
    "Do not look at the 5" long needle that will be pierced through your bone" o_O

  10. just watching this caused me to have a panic attack best advice have ur doc perscribe some valium and take it two hours before u go so it will be in full effect

  11. listen guys if you fear of needles, i cant believe im saying this but, think of something worse and say to yourself that if i cant handle a needle how am i going to handle anything else

  12. I'm gonna try this next time i get a shot. After watching it though I can't stop thinking of needles and I'm shaking like crazy now. 🙁

  13. It really annoys me when people say it wasnt that bad. it fucking was! I had a blood test yesterday and it was horrible, im 18 and i was crying and holding my moms hand, and as the blood was being drawn so was my consciousness. everywhere was spinning and i couldnt hear anythign and i just felt like shit basically. Shots arent that bad to be fair. I also hate it when people talk to me to try and distract me, i just end up screaming SHUT UP at them. yeah im a good patient…

  14. I used self-hypnosis to get through it. Man, I was surprised- I was a bit anxious yes, (naturally, and my heart was indeed racing, especially when the nurse brought the needle in) but when they stuck the needle in my arm, I didn't feel it at all. And I mean *literally*, when I looked to see if she ever put the thing in my arm, she was already done.
    I guess hypnosis doesn't work for absolutely everyone, but it worked for me.


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