First Aid for Poisoning

hello i’m mohammed the founder and CEO of first aid for life online first aid calm and the author of burns falls and emergency calls the ultimate guide to the prevention and treatment of childhood accidents today i’m going to talk to you about poisoning how to prevent it and what to do if someone accidentally ingests or is affected by a poison of some sort so a poison that is defined as a substance a solid a liquid or a gas which can cause damage if it enters the body in sufficient quantities it can be swallowed it can be breathed in it can be absorbed through the skin or it can be injected and it can cause just a local reaction or it can cause a systemic all-over reaction it can result in things like blurred vision in seizures acute allergic reaction anaphylaxis and some poisons do kill and the most important thing is to be cautious so even if the person that has taken the poison appears okay and do get them seen quickly and the key obviously is prevention and make sure that people keep the hand backsides of the way it’s amazing what people keep in handbags particularly as we get older and there may well be pills there may be all sorts of other lethal concoctions or devices or whatever that to an ordinary adults don’t seem that frightening at all but to a child are absolutely fascinating and could proof and dangerous so make sure that people coming in keep the handbags safe and out of reach and tablet proper to keep out of reach those child resistant caps are what they say there they’re not actually child resistant that children are often felt much better at getting into them than some of the adults so they may slow them down but don’t rely on them as a deterrent and don’t keep things like birth control tablets your bedside table and because if you’re in a habit of doing that you go and say somewhere else or if a channels comes to say and they go wandering they may well find them and they look like sweets so just be a little bit more mindful about what’s left around things like button batteries as well we cover those more with burning but again with poisons it’s worth just thinking about things like that and keeping them well out of reach and household chemicals are an obvious one and any household chemical and is a really strong alkaline um scuse me and it will end up burning them really badly so if they get all those little pods of laundry detergent or in a thing they say burst they can end up burning them in their eyes and causing burns there and if they swallow them will cover corrosive burns if you swallow things and later on as well and tiny up after-parties it’s very often and you get to the end of a party and you think cartoon I’m exhausted I’ll do it in the morning if you’ve got children or if there are children in the house the children are likely to be up before you they will have a jolly good investigation before you get down and you may well find that they have drunk the drugs and the glasses eating anything else that they find around and it can be very dangerous so please don’t be tempted there’s children in the house and to leave things out after a party and eat cigarettes again look after them and keep them out of reach and keep all medication and chemicals in original bottles initial the labels are good never to chasm okay so if somebody you find someone that has taken something so maybe it’s a child sitting there with an empty bottle of coke all they’ve got ahold of awesome and tablet or a berry and they’ve got the juice around their mouth or whatever if they seem fine stays calm as you can and try and encourage them to let you know what’s happened if you’re appearing panicky or accusatory in any way they are unlikely to tell you and open up as to what’s going on so encourage them to let you know what’s happened and phone one-one-one or the poisons unit guys Hospital of God opposing the unit and you can also get the number from the internet and even better still get that number and write it up there so that you know where you’re going to call should this happen and in advance and call them and explain what has happened so my child’s drunk the bubble bath and they will ask you details they love you to read the packaging and things and they’ll be able to tell you whether it is a cause for concern or whether you are fine okay so and get some advice and get it quickly and promptly and if the casualty book starts to become unconscious and you need to be ready to resuscitate with a protective face shield and the other thing to say is encourage the casualty to stay still not move around too much because moving or running around will metabolize whatever they’ve taken that bit quicker and can make any reaction worse if you find someone who’s taken a corrosive substance of some sort and what you should do is do your best against income but do your best to remove whatever it is around their mouth protecting yourself whatever affirm them will burn you or can burn you as well so wear gloves if you can and just remove white ground carefully anything that is actually ran then that and if they have got some inside their mouth encourage them to with small sips of milk or water to just swill it around and spit it out you want them to remove it as quickly as you can and if you suspect they have swallowed it you may want to take advice on this and obviously it depends as well as to what they’ve taken but if it is a burning and corrosive substance it’s likely to be a good idea to take small sips of milk or water just very small sips to dilute it as it goes down never make them sick it will have burnt on the way down and it will burn again on the way up however if they are sick and you’re able to catch it it might be helpful when you take them to hospital if they have taken a corrosive substance I will be phoning an ambulance and get the ambulance on the way and that way you’re not in any danger of driving them to the hospital and finding that their airway starts to swell because of the burning and if things get more serious whilst you’re in transit so much better to phone an ambulance and get the paramedics to come and then they are in expert supervise and whilst they are being transported to hospital always get medical advice if somebody has taken something or Razak as quickly as you possibly can and take any packaging and evidence with you when you go to hospital – I hope I’ve been helpful that I Muhammad the vibrancy oh of first aid for life first aid for life org you K and the author of burns falls and emergency tools many things

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