First Aid for Splints & Bleeding Wounds : Types of Splints

My name is Alv Rios I am a paramedic with
Lansing Mercy Ambulance. I am here on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we are going
to go over the different types of splints. There are different splints for many different
types of injuries. Any splint would work as long as it was rigid enough to hold support
and if it was able to mold to the different injuries site. Such a magazine, a piece of
folded up cardboard, wood or even a stick. There are commercial devices also such as
this foam splint. This foam splint would be used for a leg. What’s nice about it is that
it is flexible, it is disposable because of the fact you could clean it. If needed you
could reuse it but it’s disposable for the fact if you ever wanted to cut it to trim
it to size that is another option. The foam is rigid enough to hold support to the injury
site. One thing you need to keep in mind when you use a commercial device such as a foam
splint. It’s important to realize that it’s not going to conform perfectly to you so it’s
important to pad any voids which are spaces which may be between your body and the actual
foam splint. This can then be tightened down with Velcro to hold the support needed. It’s
important to never tighten a strap over the fracture. This is an example of a foam splint
which can be used for a arm injury which an elbow or lower arm and it can also be used
for different shin, tibia or fibula fracture in your lower leg.
This is an example of a padded splint. What a padded splint is, is a piece of wood down
the middle of it and then it is wrapped with cloth or padding to give it a little more
comfort that way it can be left on a injury site for long periods. It’s then covered in
a plastic that way it can be cleaned and sterilized if it were to get blood on it. This is just
a normal sheet. A sheet can be used for multi-purposes one of it’s biggest purposes is for a sling
and most importantly for a head fracture.

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