First Aid: Haematoma | First Aid

This video was created in partnership with First Aid: Haematoma In this video, you will learn how to administer first aid in order to limit the spreading of a haematoma or bruise A haematoma occurs most often after a physical trauma. The affected area of the body turns blue and can also become swollen. First Aid Techniques: 1 – Apply a cold compress Immediately apply an ice pack wrapped in a cloth in order to ease pain and swelling. Do not leave ice in contact with naked skin for longer than 20 minutes as doing so could provoke lesions 2 – Monitor Call a doctor if the haemotoma persists or if it becomes very painful. A surgical puncture may be required to drain the collected blood


  1. This is very helpful!! Thank you!! My cousin has one before and since I know that your videos are vert helpful I scrolled down in your videos and found this!!! VERY HELPFUL!!!

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