First Aid: Heart attack

[SYLVIE]: Are you alright with all those bags? [AHMET] (breathy): Yeah… Fine… [S]: Ahmet what’s wrong? [A] (disjointed, breathy): Chest…is… [S]: I’m coming round. (Ahmet winces) [S]: Come on, come on, sit down. Sit down for me. All the way down. That’s it, that’s it. Excuse me? Have you got a mobile? Can you call an ambulance? I think my friend’s having a heart attack. It’s alright. Somebody’s calling an ambulance. OK? [PASSER-BY]: Ambulance, please. (Ahmet struggles to breathe)
[S]: … it’s going to be here really soon and we’re going to get you to the hospital. So don’t worry, don’t worry. And I’m going to be right here. I’m staying right here with you, alright. Okay, won’t be long, alright? Okay, okay… Help the person to sit down and call 999 immediately Give constant reassurance Remember:
Help the person to sit down and call 999 immediately


  1. they should redo this with Americans as by standers "Do you have a mobile?"  "like those things in a baby's crib?… no, why would I randomly be carrying that.  and why do you care about that right now I think your friend's having a heart attack" "I know, please hurry call 999" "that rapping infomercial on the radio about the cash settlements… that's all you can think of right now???"  "no it's for the ambulance, last I saw him he was puffing on a fag and now he can't breathe" "that's it… I'm done"  

    annnnnnnnd scene. 🙂

  2. She is way too calm as if he has only a little scratch to his arm and everything will be ok lol. In reality a pre-heart attack will require fast action, preferably getting him an aspirin to help protect his heart for the while he is waiting for emergency crew to arrive.

  3. That is most definitely not how a heart attack works. The person's heart can't hold on that long with a heart attack.  The person who experienced it in my family dropped dead instantly when it happened to her.  And yes, she had a normal heart attack.

  4. I know this is fake but she is too calm. In an event of a real heart attack every second counts. I'd be yelling at the kid to call 911 asap!!

  5. dude I couldnt stay this calm if my friend was having a heart attack I would be yelling at the top of my lungs for help.

  6. " oh I think my friends having a heart attack, can you call the ambulance, thank you" I know it's fake but I would be screaming, it could've killed him

  7. For those who complain she is too calm…that's what you're meant to do. Otherwise, you make it more difficult for the patient and cause even more pain and stress.

  8. The patient may feel 'not well' do not ignore this, looking at the patient … pain will spread from the left side moving to the right arm and chest side of the heart..many heart attack will be caused by blood clots others have other origins.Do not walk to some distant destination because its inconvenient call for immediate assistance if these symptoms persist. get enough information from patient for the medical staff including special conditions.

  9. I know this is wrong but I'm it so funny when she said "can you call for an emergency, I think my friend is having a heart attack" cause she's so calm and smiling.

  10. I have a problem with my heart and im 14,5 yrs old, when you have a heart attack, ( I dont get attacks but very sharp pains in the heart) You can not breathe while you have a attack. You can NOT take deep breathes AND NEVER ATTEMPT TO. You will make your heart muscles hurt and just make everything worse. Take quick and short breathes one after the other and STOP ANYTHING YOU ARE DOING. You can actually RUN OUT OF AIR while having an attack. Sit down and breathe quickly with short breathes untill the pain stops. Of course call an ambulance while having a attack but if there isnt anyone around just do the above. One last thing, an attack can happen to anyone. I am a very fit person who enjoys sports and eats well, but I get sharp pains, and if I didnt watch myself im sure id get attacks too.
    Please like the comment so everyone gets to know these extra "rules" on how to deal with these

  11. My dad died of a heart attack 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️ And sister of meningitis 😢😢😢😢❤️

  12. I'd run to call 911 from the getgo!
    I'm especially worried this could to my mum or Grandfather, they both have heart issues…I hated those EMTs…They took my Gramps to have stents put in and said it wasn't an Emergency, had they not been put in, he would've died!

  13. 🏥 PRO TIP: It's hard to reach your phone📱 to call help when having a heart attack. 🚑 Download Rescuer—it lets you send your location to 911 by using your voice! 🗣️

    It's free, and available here:

    For example, if I yell "I am having a heart attack!" (even with phone locked and in another room), Rescuer will hear and send my location📍 to my loved ones 👪🏾

  14. my father pass away yesterday beacause of a heart attack. thats why i watch this video. if some one muslim sedekahkan alfatihah

  15. Ancient Chinese kung fu master trick, heart attacks are reversible. With practice, focus and force of chi. They and anyone can kick-start their own hearts with this practice. When having a heart attack. 😉

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  17. When I saw this I was like "boi if someone has a heart attack you got take em to a hostpital that ambulance might not get there in time

  18. I really like the woman that's helping the heart attack victim. It gives out a message that even disabled people can still do extraordinary things.

  19. there is more to it then " i be right over" " sit down " " hey can you call for an ambulance i think my friend is having an heart attack "

  20. My friend had a heart attack. I would have loved to know this at the time. There were trained people around and they used the heart things (I don't know how to spell them) on her but then her heart stopped again. She is ok but she forgot most things… including me

  21. I’m worried I’ll have a heart attack one day, my dads dad died from a heart attack, my dads had 3 heart attacks himself and I now and then I get a pain in my chest where the heart is, it’s a sharp pain and it hurts a lot, it’s nothing to bad tho, like it isn’t an excruciating pain, nor do I see anyone for it but I’m not sure if heart attacks can be genetic, i hope they aren’t.

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