First Aid in Remote Locations – Venue and Course Overview

Hi it’s Alistair at Lazarus Training here
just thought we’d quickly check-in with you I’m here in the bright sun which is in my
eyes at the moment over at a venue we use in Bracknell near Reading in the UK
and we are here running a First Aid in Remote Locations course now this
venue if I move around slightly you’ll be able to see nice countryside nice
green English countryside lots of woods and forests that we’ll use perhaps I’ll try and do
some more video for you from some of these other sites later but the area
that I’m in at the moment is the area we use for our road traffic accidents see a
couple of the vehicles that we use around now I’m not a gambling man but if
I was for anyone traveling the world a road traffic accident/road traffic
collision/car crash whatever you want to call it that is what I would suggest is
going to be the main threat to life on most of the travels of our clients
horrible statistics in the United Kingdom for every hundred thousand
people 2.9 on average die from road traffic accidents but we’re here today
running for team of documentary makers that are travelling over various parts
of the world and for example they’re off to Columbia where if remember correctly
the figures of 16.9 in comparison and to a number of other areas where the risk
of death from car accidents is up to five times as high as in the UK the
other factor I guess that we need to think about is that here in the UK and
across much of Europe and many parts of the world there’s a really good
emergency response to incidents whether it’s done by the fire service the police
some parts of the world even the military and the ambulance service but in
many parts the world that the help is going to be delayed at best and often
not what we would expect from our home countries so we have to build some
resilience into the training and we have to get people used to the idea that they
may be operating with a delay from help there may be no help coming or that
help in itself might pose some risk to the colleague that is injured so quite a
lot of ground covered today on the course – they’re currently getting
some input on what to do about road traffic collision one of our trainers
Paul who had 30-something years in the fire service dealing with accidents is giving
them all that sort of knowledge distilled down
in some real takeaway points over the next half hour or so and later on in the
course they’re gonna find themselves dealing with all sorts of mischief over
here and see more vehicles there with injured people they’re gonna have
to care for and let them rehearse their actions and working together as a team
come up with an idea of how to care for people within the framework that
we’ve given them so I’ll leave it there for now I’ll go off and enjoy the
sunshine and a little bit more and I’ll try and catch some more video I’ll explain
what we’re doing here on this first aid in remote locations course as the days
progress. Bye then.

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