First Aid Kit 4 Shelf Refill MFASCO 9735

>> MFASCO: If you have a first aid kit that’s
hanging on the wall at your place of business, chances are you either have a first aid service
that you’re paying way too much to have come in and maintain your supplies or you’re trying
to do it yourself and you’re getting frustrated because you either can’t find the products
that you need or you’re not sure what’s supposed to go in the cabinet. Well, if that is the case, I have a solution
for you. Spend a minute, watch this video and save
quite a few dollars here at MFASCO Health and Safety. Hi everyone, thank you for joining us, my
name is Mike and I’m with MFASCO Health and Safety. Are you watching this video because you saw
a picture of a first aid kit that looks something like yours and you need to refill it? You may have had a service that was taking
care of you before or you may have realized how expensive it is to keep a service, or
you’re maybe just trying to do this yourself and you’re not sure where to start. And so I am going to show you a quick, fast,
and easy way to do this and it’s a great refill source as well. So, if you go to our website
and in the search area up above enter 4 shelf, and if you have a 3 shelf or a 5 shelf cabinet
enter those terms and you’ll come to a search results page that looks like this. You’ll see refill packs, you’ll see empty
boxes, and you’ll see complete kits ready to go. In our example today, we’re going to go ahead
and we’re going to take a look at the 4 shelf refill pack. This is the page and this is what the picture
represents of all the individual items that are listed here in this refill pack. You might not need the complete refill pack,
you may already have items in your kit and you only need a few of the items and you just
need some way to guide you along to make sure you’re picking the right items. This is a complete OSHA approved or an ANSI
approved first aid list of items that’s here. But this is the tool I wanted to show you. Down the page a little bit, you see the description,
you’ll also see the Click here to refill this kit now. You click on that link and you’ll see a list
of every item that is in the refill pack, you’ll see the add to cart option, the price,
you can change the quantity, and the title is there as well with a picture. So, you can only purchase the items that you
need, if that’s what you want to do, and this is the best and fastest way to do it. It’s a great refill system, it’s a great tool
and we would love for you to take a closer look and use this tool for your refill system. As always, there’s several ways to reach out
to us and to be kept informed. If you are watching this video on YouTube,
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LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks again for joining us and have a great

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