First Aid Kit About Singing Sad Songs – [Eng Subs] TV4 2019

In the midst of the world tour, they stop for an exclusive interview with us. We are talking about First Aid Kit of course, Klara and Johanna Söderberg. First we will have a look at my visit to their European tour in Brussels. At last I got to go on a tour, even though it was only for one day. – Welcome.
– Thank you! Thank you for taking your time. You are busy. Since I was visiting you in March, you have done about 120 shows or something like that. 2018 was completely crazy. You said when you saw the pictures that it felt like long ago. Yes indeed. Mostly I saw that my hair was longer. We walked around there and ate french fries and hung backstage. – It was a good day. We played fussball.
– Yes, we did. That day we talked about how bad you were to say no and set limits. When I see the number 120 I wonder if you have become so much better at it? No, it’s very difficult. It’s like a carousel that’s hard to jump off. It doesn’t look that much on paper, but when you are there, it is much. We continue to learn, but it’s not easy. This year will be calmer. How do you take care of yourself and each other when it is much going on? Good question. Make sure to sleep properly. -We never party on tour.
– Not on tour but… We have set it up as a rule. I think that is because we started out so young. No alcohol before a show. You get so much back anyway. When you have such a schedule as we do, you cannot. You’ve been doing this for 12 years. You are not even 30 yet. You have had a fantastic career. Now you are nominated for the Brit Awards, which is like a Swedish Grammis but 10 times bigger. How does it feel? – Fun.
– Unexpected. We were nominated once before for the previous album but I didn’t think we would be again. Jay-Z, Beyoncé and that kind of acts. It’s great to see them next next to us. We and them. Can you take it in? It’s amazing. No. And I don’t want to either. I don’t want to think about it too much. It’s a fun thing to experience. It is a sign of appreciation at least. It has been said before, but from that Fleet Foxes cover video in the forest to this in 12 years… Thats an incredible perspective really. Four years have passed between this record and the previous one. How does that process look like? Are there plans to release anything soon? It’s no stress. We have worked quite a lot. But we think about it. We have started a little bit of planning. – And we have an office for the first time.
– We are grown ups now! The Ruins record was very dark and sad. It was about a break up. So we hope the next album will be a little more positive. You get tired of singing sad songs every night. Now we need some hope and optimism. You are in the middle of the tour and coming up are Malmö Arena and the Globe Arena. – I’m so nervous. Panic!
– Yes indeed. We grew up next to the Globe Arena. I saw the arena from my bedroom window. You have probably been there for some concerts over the years. Absolutely. We saw Fleetwood Mac there the last time. It feels weird. Let’s repeat the 26th in the Globe. I know this because I’m going myself. Malmö, what day is it? – February 1st.
– Nice one! Your started with only a few instruments on stage, basically, Now you have a large orchestra and larger sound. That is also a journey, developing your sound. We always think about that. Johanna plays bass now for example and that has done a lot. We can move together on stage. And bass is cool too! Good luck. We are so happy that you stayed with us. I have great expectations for the 26th. Many thanks to both of you. And take care of yourselves. Keep your fingers crossed for Johanna and Klara at the Brit Awards.


  1. Not sure what happened to the Eng. subs, but love the gals so much, it was still enjoyable. Turns out if you put "captions" on in your settings you can see the subs.

  2. Great to hear them in a good recent interview. They look great. And yes girls, please take care of yourselves. ❤️ Thanks Patrik.

  3. Súper vet de dames weer zo fris-uitgerust & stralend (!) terug te zien na De Roma & Tivoli. Alleen jammer dat het Zweeds niet mijn taal is…..Zorg goed voor jezelf meiden!!!

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