First Aid Kit – Grammis 2013

We are very honored but at the same time we think that you can’t compete in music and that this is more of and encouragement, like yeah you did a really great job with this. We hope that this doesn’t change the way we look at music and that it never will change. We don’t make music to win awards and that kind of stuff, we make music because we like to make music. Nobody can have missed the story about Klara and Johanna Söderberg, they grew up in a musical family in the suburb Svedmyra outside Stockholm. And that just in a few years have been known has the duo First aid kit. With the album The lion’s roar, First aid kit placed themselves both on english and american charts We have been very busy this past year, almost playing every day, so haven’t really had the time to record another album. So we are going to take a break now and record a new album and write new songs, and we have already written a whole bunch of songs. The performance by First aid kit at the Polar Prize ceremony in front of a moved Patti Smith got a lot of attention and this summer they are playing two shows with the punk musician in both Gothenburg and Uppsala. (Klara) She is one of our “house-goddesses” and our parents have played her a lot when we grew up. (Johanna) So we know all her songs. But the sisters also have a lot of older idols. It is through the internet, and not our parents record collection that we have found this old country music. And it also comes trough our curiosity. Their father Benkt Söderberg played with the eighties band Lolita Pop and now play’s with his daughters and also servers as their sound-technician on tour. Our parents never just gave me a guitar and said “Play”, but when I started playing it was great to have someone who could play and come to ask him about how to play certain chords. Klara and Johanna Söderberg, six nominations and you play in the band First aid kit. Out of all of these nominations, and it is the biggest ones, which one would you two most want to win? Umm, I mean we don’t want one of the awards more than any other but we are just so happy and shocked that we are just nominated. (Johanna) All of them feel pretty big. But if you only could pick one to take home to Svedmyra? (Klara) Yeah, well. (Johanna) “Album of the year” would be nice and “Best performance in writing” and Best composing” would be great because we really like the lyrics in songs, so yeah. Who knows! (Klara) As I said before we are just so honored and SO happy to be nominated. Have you made any bets on who will win tonight then? Or is it someone you really want to win? (Klara) Um, we hope that Sibille Attar wins “Newcomer of the year” because we think that she’s the best. Sibille Attar that is nominated for her first EP that came last year and an album now. What more do you wish to happen during the evening? All of the Swedish music industry is here, if not on stage then out in the audience. (Johanna) Well we are meeting a lot of great friends and our family is here and we are celebrating a fantastic year and our fantastic album. Good luck Klara and Johanna of First aid kit, and would you two like to come to my after party that I am going to have here and talk to the winners and the ones that almost won directly after the show has ended. But it’s time, the bombs are loaded, the drinks are finished and the speeches are almost finished. Let the Grammy awards 2013 begin! And the winner is First aid kit. Oh wow. Would you like to start Johanna? (Johanna) Well, I think we need to thank Mike Mogis who is the producer of this album. We went to his hometown Omaha, Nebraska… …and recorded in his fantastic studio and he has been our biggest idol since we were 14, 15 years old. 12. (Johanna) Even 12 years old! And it was an unforgettable experience that and he has taught us so much and that you can go very far with music with just by some small things. Just by singing and playing guitar and that can be enough. Three chords and the truth. And.. Thank you, we also have to thank all of the fantastic musicians that played with us in Omaha, Nate Wallcot, Conor Oberst, Ben Brodin and of course our fantastic father who played bass, Mattias Bergkvist on drums. And thank you to all that have listened to the record and took it to their hearts. (Klara) Thank you so so so much! (Johanna) And we also want to thank Robyn for not releasing an album last year. (Klara) Thank you. Oh, how exciting let’s see who the lucky one is. And the lucky winner is First. Aid. Kit! Could you hold this? We would like to thank all of the fantastic musicians that have inspired us through the years. That have showed us that honesty, playfulness, and happiness creates music. You can create just to create, and you don’t need to adapt to fit in or to stand out. To us have song writing been us trying to give something back to them and the world. A gift and trying to reach out to other people. Everytime someone hear our songs, everytime it helps them in some way it also helps us. If someone feels a little bit stronger or a little bit less lonely, have we done more than we could ever dream of. The people that listen to our music gives
us so very much. Thank you Exciting, last years best composers are Klara and Johanna Söderberg from First aid kit! Congratulations, you are worth this. Okay, we must dedicate this award to all young girls that dare to walk their own way, do their own thing and not to get “run over” by all ideas of how girls should be like and look like. We try and if we can do that so can you too! Thank you. Oh well. Okay, we had only written three speeches so yeah.. We must thank Laura and Lisa and Mark and our Mom and our little brother Isak. (Johanna) And so I would like to thank you Klara. (Klara) Thank you Johanna. What do you say about this response? (Klara) You say wow. (Both) Wow wow (Klara) How did this happen? Because you have also just gotten a prize, The Nordic music prize. (Johanna) We jumped up and down and screamed when we got the news. We should have done it today as well! (Klara) We should have done it! Feels good, feels good. (PSL) I was thinking, it has been a really great year for you two. (Klara) Yeah. (PSL) A really great year, if you pick one thing out of all that has happened, and tell us about it what would it be? That is impossible, because it has been so many great things on-top of each other so we have started to say “This is enough, it’s enough”. We are overwhelmed, we can’t understand this. We think like that everyday, we can’t say one thing. At least I think so. But if you would say overall, it would be the shows and meeting the audience, and getting the love from them because that is really are passion. Exactly, that is what you remember. And how do you handle this sort of thing. We at the music-site PSL where I work have been trying to follow you during these five years and you have accomplished more during those years than a lot of artists do during a whole lifetime. How do handle a thing like that? I don’t know how you handle a thing like that. We try to be humble and happy and also realize that this is happening, it’s such a small chance that this is happening. So we try to appreciate every big thing that happens. Focus on creating the music and not focus on the glamour bit. The secret behind what you are doing, I know that there is a big record collection somewhere, also a harmonizing between you two and also as you said in your speech “three chords and the truth”. (Johanna) Ah, well First aid kit’s recipe for success? (Both) No (Johanna) We don’t have this sort of thing. Honesty, it sounds cliche but that’s just how it is. I know that you are going to have three months off but then you are starting on the next album. Do you feel any pressure from *points at the awards* this? No, I don’t think that we do that. I think that that is the wrong way to take this in. (Johanna) We see it as an encouragement to write more music and not to win more awards. We could think “What was good on the last album” and write from that but we feel, when we had recorded the last album we thought that we wanted to do new things, so we know what we would like it to sound like. We write songs that sounds great and.. (Johanna) It is not more complicated then that. Congratulations! (Both) Thank you! (PSL) And we are looking forward to seeing what comes next with First aid kit!


  1. i see that they've adopted the "three chords and the truth" observation that John Schaeffer made while interviewing them on WNYC. that old country music adage certainly is a good fit for FAK.

  2. First Aid Kit – Acceptance speech in Grammis (Swedish Music Prize)
    This year's pop
    Klara – oh well, ok. We had only written three acceptance speech. We have to thank Lisa, Mark, and we also thank our dear mother and our brother Isak.
    Johanna – and I must also thank you, Klara.
    Klara – Thanks! Johanna.

  3. First Aid Kit – Acceptance speech in Grammis (Swedish Music Prize)
    This year's composer
    Johanna – We must assign this award to all the young girls who dare to go their own way and do their own thing and not allow themselves to be run over by any ideas about how girls should be and look like. We try and can we do it, so can you. Thank you!
    Klara – Thanks!

  4. 07:16
    Artist of the Year
    Johanna – every time someone hears our songs, each time it helps in some way so it also helps us. If anyone feels a little stronger or less alone, we have done more than we could ever dream of. Those of you who listen to our songs give us so much in return. Thank you!
    Klara – Thanks!

  5. 07:16

    Artist of the Year
    Klara – We want to thank all the musicians who have inspired us over the years, who have shown us so often that honesty and joy for the creation of music is enough. That you can create to create, you do not need pretend to fit in or stand out. For us songwriting and music focused on trying to give something back to them and the world. A thanksgiving gift, a way to reach out to other people.

  6. 05:07
    Album of The Year
    Johanna – It was an unforgettable experience and he has learned us so much that you get very far in the music with limited resources, it may be enough for vocals and guitar.
    Clear – Three chords and the truth. We must also thank all the amazing musicians in Omaha who has played on the disc Nate Walcott, Conor Oberst, Ben Brodin and our fantastic father plays bass, Mattias Bergqvist on drums.
    Johanna – Then we must also thank Robin for not released an album this years.

  7. First Aid Kit – Acceptance speech in Grammis (Swedish Music Prize)
    Album of The Year
    Klara – Oh, do you want to start Johanna
    Johanna – We have to thank Mike Mogis who is the producer of the disc. We went to his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska and recorded the album in his peerless studio. He has been our biggest idol since we were 14 years old.
    Klara – Since we were 12 years

  8. these girls are not ABBA nor do they pretend to be but the effect of their beautiful voices is haunting, very celtic.. i love them…..

  9. Not that strange that First Aid Kit win a lot of prizes in Sweden since there are no other artists to give the prices to.

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