First Aid Kit Interview [Eng Subs] TV4 Nyhetsmorgon 2017

Some headlines: Strong performance. Excellent. Worthy tribute. Great reviews of the show in honor of the late Leonard Cohen. Klara and Johanna brought their friend Jesper Lindell on stage. I’m glad to have all three here today. – How are you?
– Good. Still with heads in the cloud after the shows? Yes. In a bubble. Johanna, you said this was among the funniest you’ve ever done. We have talked about doing this for some time. It was a dream come true. – And doing it in a theatre like Dramaten with..
– Poem reading.. With scenography and all that. Having guests like Jesper, Annika Norlin, Frida Hyvönen, Loney Dear and Maja Francis. Our dream guests. And they all said yes! Jesper, how was it beeing part of all this? Like a dream! Sick going from the smallest venues to the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Many heard your Dylan intrepretations recently but Leonard Cohen has a special place in your hearts? What is it about him that facinates you? He is not only an incredible songwriter but a poet too. There are many stories about him suffering for his art. Every line had to be perfect. And they are perfect, full of meaning. Also his melodies. Halelujah has to be one of best songs of modern time. It was fun doing this show because it gave us the opportunity.. …to highlight his artistry, especially the lyrics. His material is very rewarding to work with. We had both songs and poems. To me he is foremost a storyteller. – Lovely just hearing the voice.
– Really Are you inspired by his way of telling stories? We have stolen a lot from him. We are trying. We will here a song later. Is Cohen someone who has meant a lot to you? Not in that way. – But now…
– Now I can’t stop listen to him. Is it possible there will be some Cohen songs in your future setlist? Perhaps. Let’s talk about how you met, but first a clip from just a moment ago. How is it possible to write a song like this? I don’t know. A bad relation. Is it so? You are 23. You have a fantastic voice. And you were floored too. When did you first hear the song? You don’t know Jesper since before? No, not at all. Our dad produced Jesper’s EP in our home studio. Out in april. You went to their childhood home. How was it like? Fun. Benkt is great. Benkt is your dad who is also your sound technician. Our third band member We were around listening. Dad told us he was asked to produce this guy. We said you must work with Jesper. We were completely floored. When we sang all three for the first time was a goosebump moment. So powerful. We recorded separately, not live. I started to laugh later when we sang together. It was like “oh, my god!”. Jesper, who are you? I like your first name by the way. Hard question. Maybe that’s why I am into music. To find out. It gave appetite for more, apparently. You have recorded an EP. And the three of you have found each other. It was incredibly fun to sing together. We want to continue to do so. You should. Do you have any advice for Jesper? You started out once and are in same changre. American root music. You have played all over the world and made a lot of mistakes. Have we done that many mistakes? It is important to stick to what you want to do. We know what we want to do. Many think we are too traditional. Go for a more modern sound they say. Why change if you’re good at what you are doing. I don’t think Jesper need that much advice. Work hard. You seem quite relaxed. I’m from Dalarna. Moving Slow. Check it out. It is really good. You are home for the Dramaten shows. Your have spent time in Portland where your fourth album was recorded. Yes, fourth album. How is work going? Mixing is next. We have many songs. I don’t wan’t to say too much but we can’t wait to release them. There are some more work. We hope we can perform some songs live this summer. We can’t expect an album before summer? No. You are on a major label since last album with new management controlling your work. We’ve had management for 7 years. I don’t think that much has changed. A bigger company has more resources. We can get more support. But we are in full control. We have been very clear with that since we started. They don’t have that much to decide. Johanna, your said you long for people to listen to the new songs. If you work on your own you can release them now. Still, we trust them. They have a plan. – It has worked before.
– Exactly. Is the sound still based on your voices and harmonies? Or has it taken new directions? Both. Pretty much electric guitar. I don’t know what to say. Rockier sometimes. Harmonies and lyrics are in focus. That hasn’t changed. We get some chances here in Sweden to see you live this summer. Yes. Gröna Lund, Liseberg, Borgholm. And more.. I was recently in America myself, just after the election. It was a strange atmosphere, I thought. The polarization of the society was apparent. Do you agree? We only hang out with people who dislike Trump. They were in shock. That was the only subject during the recording period. We were there when Trump took office. Things happened everyday. “Oh my god he did what?” – Sick.
– Terrible. We took part of Womens March also. Very cool. I don’t remember how many was there. A couple of hundred thousands. Last week you released a song on International Womens Day. I have never heard you this angry before. “You are the problem here. I hope you fucking suffer”. Those lines…you sound so angry. We were angry. And still are. A song about rape, sexual abuse and how men treat women. Have you thought about doing something this political for a long time? Not really. I mean, growing up as a woman in this society reading about rape – – where the men get away with it and the women are questioned. We wrote it in anger and grief. Can the fact that you spent time in “Trumpland” affect your songwriting? Oh yes. You want nothing but being political. That feels more important than ever. Can we expect more political statements from you? Yes. I want to mention that some of the money went to Women for Woman International. I’m glad you visited us today. And nice to make your acquaintance too, Jesper. I think we will hear more from you in the future.


  1. Politically naive. They don't get to the real point. They are 'removed' from reality and totally brainwashed by the entertainment circles in which they exist. Hence they only know people who are 'anti-Trump'.
    You are the Problem' misses its target by not naming the group responsible for the rape of Sweden. I used to like FAK but they have taken a bad fork in the road.

  2. uhhhhg. How about they have a more diverse set of friends instead of living and breathing in an echo-chamber of people hating, hating and more hating. In society in general, at what point do you become the hateful one aka the "bad guy"? Not saying this is what they are. I have been a fan since seeing their fleet fox cover back in the mid-2000's. I am just saying, their lovely music serves everyone better when it makes you feel loved and love others. When you add hate in your voice and lyrics, it changes your music, it changes the listener. The last part of the video was very disappointing for a long time fan. They can do and say whatever they want, but personally, hate is not why I listen to their music. Hate of ANY kind.

  3. The woman have to be questioned. It's part of our judicial process. If we cannot question the woman. Are we just suppose to take her word for it?

  4. so crazy how they can go from speaking swedish in the heaviest accent to singing flawless folk-country with an american accent.

  5. Det är lite synd att dom inte nämner ett ord om hur svenska tjejer ofredas och våldtas på grund av att migranterna tycker att tjejerna klär sej olämpligt och blir stämplade som horor för att dom inte tillhör en viss religiös grupp.

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