First Aid Kits and Tips : Applying a Sling: First Aid for Minor Injuries

Hi! I’m Tracey Cullers on behalf of
In this segment, I’ll show you how to apply a sling to an injured arm. You can buy triangular
bandages along with first-aid kits. They look like this. The first thing you do is find
the point of the triangle and place it under the elbow. Go ahead and put it around so that
the top is on the uninjured side. Hold this around the injured side and tie it behind
the neck. You’re going to tie it over to the side of the neck so that the person does
not lay on it all night long. Make sure that this is high, higher than the heart. Tie just
a standard square knot/reef knot. Tuck in the ends so that it doesn’t get caught in
things. On this very tip, they provide you with a safety pin so you can you can pin it
securely. How does it feel? That is how you apply a sling.


  1. now, she wouldnt be able to support her broken arm like that would she, also thats half elevated and half broad-arm. is it a broken arm or an injured/cut hand or wrist? this video misses a lot.

  2. It does need another sling known as a (broad bandage/sling,) to make the intial sling more secure. If you didn't have another sling, the patient could move their arm around. If done properly, the broad sling should secure the arm to ensure that it is not able to be moved around.

  3. Also remember to recheck the patients circulation. Do a bilateral comparison of the circulation- un-injured arm to the injured arm.

  4. the fold at the elbow has to be done the other way round so as not to get caught on door handles, also the safety pin should be pushed in from bottom to top in case it becomes undone. If that was the case the pin would simply fall out onto the floor

  5. she reversed the sling, and where is the bandage securing them in place. The point of the sling is to immobilize the wound, she can still move it at that point.

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