First Aid Kits and Tips : Stopping the Bleeding: First Aid for Minor Injuries

Hi! I’m Tracey Cullers on behalf of
In this segment, I’m going to show you how to stop the bleeding. First of all, with any
type of bleeding incident, put gloves on immediately. You want to keep the body fluids away from
your own hands for safety of the person and yourself. Next, you take some sterile gauze;
place it over top of the cut, holding firm pressure. If that starts to go through, as
you can see it coming there grab another piece. Put it over top, working as quickly as you
can. Continue holding pressure. You’re going to keep layering it up until the bleeding
isn’t coming through any longer. I think one more piece will do. Good it stopped. At
this point, we’re going to use a roller bandage. Start at one end and wrap it around.
Continuing the hold pressure. How does that feel? I’m going to make sure that it’s
not too tight. Can you feel my fingers? Now, cut off the bandage
and use a piece of tape to close it. That’s how you stop the bleeding.


  1. i dont know about yall but we dont have gause. im using a paper tower and im still bleeding. it should stop soon.

  2. hmm… And would this work for all bleeding situations? NO. this specific bleed would be considered a venous bleed. If it was a arterial bleed however, you would to attempt to control bleeding, apply firm direct pressure, elevate injury site if able, use pressure points, (brachial, femur, etc.) If thie distance to hospital is more that an hour, use a tourniquet as a ***"LAST RESORT ONLY."***

  3. If you use a tourniquet, be sure to RECORD the TIME STARTED- release it SLOWY every minute. You have to relase it slowy in case the bleeding has not stopped- (it will bleed profusely if it has not stopped.) Remeber, "LIFE OVE LIMB." You also want to ensure you get the patient to the hospital within the, "GOLDEN HOUR."

  4. Depends on if the finger is a complete amputation or a partial amputation. For first aid attendants, certain procedures (treatment wise,) are slightly different. Either way you should go see the doctor to get it re-attached. Try to get to the hospital within the "Golden Hour," so that you can have a greater chance of getting the finger re-attached with the majority of motor function in that finger back to a normal level.

  5. Obviously it's fake. It for simulation purposes. And controlling bleeding from the jugular will take longer to control than a bleed like this.

  6. no I am not a doctor. I am and advanced medical first responder. I am just under a paramedic. Why do you ask?

  7. It's casualty simulation injury. It's a special first aid patient make-up kit for making wounds, burns, and various other things. Used for training only.

  8. how bout some disinfectant? or maybe hydro peroxide? sure itll hurt like heck but it wont get infected……

  9. Im sorry but this video is full of crap… examples, where are you gonna find gloves if you run into a bleeding injured in middle of open road? where are you gonna find bandages? and preasure ON the cut? a cut located there should be presed at elbow or several cm above injury, presing a cut like that could do more damage than help…

  10. Well, if you are on the road you may have a first aid kit in your car with gloves and bandaids. She is applying pressure to the wound do control bleeding. It won't do more damage.

  11. It's casualty simulation blood. it's a fake injury made to show you an example of the specifc injury in which is being treated and discussed.

  12. ive used hydro for everything all my life, never had problems with it. if you have a different oppinion about what to use well thats cool, i was just makin a suggestion based on what ive found effective.

  13. no, that's not true. I said never, because it's a very strong opinion. I said never, not only because it's a strong opinion but it is not the best form of treatment to use. Hydrogen Peroxide, will burn layers of the t's skin. Benzalkonium Chloride is not that harsh. BZK doesn't even burn the skin. Hydrogen Peroxide is rarely used today to treat lacerations. BZK or Sodium Chloride or baxedin is what is now most commonly used. I didn't say that you can't use HP to treat cuts I suggested not to.

  14. Also, saying never is not necessarily a command. Never can also mean that something is not really appropriate or suitable under certain circumstances. I said never use hydro.prox. because as a Healthcare Professional, Hydrogen peroxide is not the best solution to use to clean wounds. It will burn layers of skin tissue. Especially on deep cuts. Sterile saline is one of the better items to use to clean a wound and prevent infection.

  15. @M30WDRUMMER You don't… leave that for surgeons… If a finger or toe is completed severed from the body, you're going to want to wrap it up in some damp cloth/gauze, put it in a zip lock (or other sealable plastic bag), and keep it cool (not frozen though) in some cold water. That way you can transport it to a hospital. Of course, there will probably be bleeding and such, you'll want to stop that… Then get the person and severed digit to a hospital.

  16. just wondering how did they find a girl that was already bleeding lol… they probably just stabbed her hand lmao hahahaha

  17. @M30WDRUMMER dont worry about reattaching a finger thats a surgeons job. But if an amputation should occur retrive the amputated part if possible and put it on ice. Then Apply direct pressure and elevate the stump to stop the bleeding. Amputations may have anything from mild bleeding to very severe bleeding. Treat for Shock. If the bleeding gets too severe apply a tourniquet.

  18. FAIL:
    you need to apply disinfectant and or saline water to clean wound first then apply dressings.
    Maybe I should make a video and show how it is done?

  19. i cut myself pretty deep to see if this would work and I'll give it a three out of five for helping me stop some of the bleeding. oh well time for a nap just got really sleepy….

  20. @ry4n0007 I agree with you in cleaning the wound first, but as long as it is bleeding out it keeps the wound clean or at least no bacteria or other particles get inside the wound. But still cleaning the wound is not wrong. And hey, please make a video, youtube needs more GOOD first aid vids 😉

  21. I highly doubt her own mother cut her hand, be realistic
    Sure it isnt exactly good parenting for her to run for the camera with her daughter hurt like that
    But maybe she just fell off her bike or something
    She obviously cares for her daughter and wants her to be safe and heal properly
    Why would she care so much if she was so senseless as to cut her?

  22. Alright, this is my cousin like six years ago, and I can tell you for a fact that her mom did not cut her. Get a life Retards….it was fake vampire halloween blood for goodness sake 😛

  23. "Hold on! Let me set up the camera and microphone then we will treat your bleeding hand!! and make sure you stay quiet for the camera!"

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