First Aid Kits and Tips : Treating Blisters: First Aid for Minor Injuries

Hi! I’m Tracey Cullers on behalf of
In this segment, I’ll show you how to take care of a blister. In most cases, you don’t
want to have to have to pop a blister. If it becomes too painful or if it’s in an
awkward location then you may want to, and I will show you how to do that. First of all,
put on gloves so that you don’t encounter any body fluids. Next, you want to take a
sewing needle or a safety pin and sterilize it with either a flame from a match or in
alcohol. I’ll show you that right now. We’re going to sterilize it with this alcohol wipe.
You can also do it with a match and then let it cool down. You’re going to take the pin
and go alongside of the blister and carefully make a puncture into it. You don’t want
to take the roof of the blister off. The roof is the natural way to protect the skin area
and you will cause more damage if you take the roof of the blister off. As if draining,
you want to use sterile gauze to get it dry, and then a Band-Aid. Cover up the blistered area. Keep it covered
and moist. As it becomes wet again, then change the dressing. That is how you take care of
a blister.


  1. if you get a blister that big on that area of your hand something is wrong… toughen your hands up. i didnt need to look this up it was linked to another vid im just cruisin but ive been poping blisters this way forever simply cause it seemed like itd work.

    it does work very well.

  2. she should of pushed the fluid out – then sanitize it with alcohol. auugghhh i got four blisters. two on both foots. hurts like hell

  3. so what did u to with the blister, i dropped my wand and now i got a burn blister whatdo i do i hav it on the lower side of my knee

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