First aid measures for ChickenPox – Hindi

Ashok comes home from his farm and complains about fever and body ache. His wife, Anita, looks at him and notices blisters on his hands and legs. She is scared and says that the wrath of the Goddess has befallen on her husband. She asks her children to get out of the house soon. The mother and children come out of the house and lock the door from outside. Meanwhile, the doctor from the village hospital passes by their house and greets Anita. Seeing the worried expression on Anita and her kids’ faces, she asks Anita what was wrong. Anita tells the doctor about the wrath of the Goddess that has befallen on her husband. The doctor tells Anita that she would like to see her husband. But Anita refuses saying that she should not meet her husband. The doctor ignores Anita and goes inside the house and then Anita follows hesitantly. The doctor examines Ashok and informs him that he has chickenpox. But Ashok and Anita do not know what chickenpox is. They look questioningly at the doctor. Welcome to the spoken tutorial on bridging the digital divide. Here we will talk about chickenpox, its symptoms, causes and the Do’s and Don’ts. Let us first see what chickenpox is. Chickenpox is a viral infection in which one develops itchy blisters on the body. Chickenpox vaccine works very well in preventing the disease. Small number of people who take the vaccine may still get chickenpox. But they usually have a milder case. Generally, chickenpox is mild and not life-threatening. But, sometimes it is severe and one needs to be in the hospital, or can even die. Chickenpox can affect * pregnant women, newborn babies, teens and adults, and people who have low immune systems. Once you have had chickenpox, generally the virus does not re-emerge. If one gets chickenpox for a second time, it is called shingles. Let us now see some symptoms of chickenpox. A fever that lasts longer than 2 days Red, warm, and sore skin Severe itching that cannot be relieved by home treatment Rashes that lasts longer than 2 weeks Let us now see the duration and contagiousness of chickenpox. Chickenpox blisters form in 3-5 days and crust in 7-10 days It gets contagious within 1-2 days of its occurrence. It remains contagious until all the blisters have crusted over Its Highly contagious and can spread very easily from person to person Let us now see the causes of chickenpox. You can get chickenpox by * touching the fluids from a chickenpox blister, or * if someone with the disease coughs or sneezes near you Risk is greater if you * have never had chickenpox before and * If you have not taken the chickenpox vaccine either. Now, let us see what we should do when we get chickenpox. Consult your doctor to ensure it is chicken pox and not mosquito/insect bite. Eat a light meal. Home cooked food is advised. Bath in cool or lukewarm water every 3 to 4 hours for the first few days. Add neem leaves to the water used for bathing. It reduces the itching. Have a bath and pat the body dry. Drink lots of water -coconut, barley or anything that is cooling. Wash clothes of the infected person separately to avoid spread of the infection. If you have not had chickenpox or the vaccine, you should get vaccinated. Let us now see what you should not do during chickenpox. Avoid scratching the red itchy blisters. This can lead to bacterial infections and scarring. Avoid contact with other people because they may get infected. This brings to the end of the tutorial. Remember, seeking medical aid is always helpful. Thanking you for listening and STAY SAFE. Watch the video available at the following link It summaries the Spoken Tutorial project If you do not have a good bandwidth you can download and watch it The Spoken Tutorial project team conducts workshops using spoken tutorials. Gives certificates to those who pass an online test. For more details, please write to: [email protected] Spoken Tutorial Project is a part of the Talk to a Teacher project. It is Supported by the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Government of India. More information on this mission is available at\NMEICT-Intro The animation for this tutorial has been contributed by Arthi and the drawings by Saurabh Gadgil This is Shalini Nair from S.N.D.T. Women’s University signing off. Thanks for joining.


  1. A girl who was suffering from chicken pox she dare to give exam on 20th May 2016. We all appreciate this, but knowing this you all feel shame that a teacher of Agra College, Agra refused her to give exam and told her if you give exam he will burn her exam copy. After insisting him a lot of time he allowed her to give an exam at outside of the classroom. The girl gave the exam at outside of the classroom, but she did not get even a single glass of water. What is going on Agra college Agra, where is there humanities. If that girl belongs to your sister or daughter does he do this.

  2. I have low immune system because I eat outside and working. 3 days before I got fever and then red acne first on stomach and shoulder. on head also. Doctor has given medicine and ointment but people say don't use. I have taken injection in child. I want to go home by flight tomorrow. 5 hours from Delhi to bhuj. please tell me how should I manage. fast reply

  3. Mam mere beta ko chicken pox hua hai or sabhi garam khana khans or no taking bath me salh dete hai please guide me ajj hi

  4. Take rest in home by covering ur naked body with neem leaf…it prevents transmission nd recovery xpected

  5. I have so much pain in my mouth and especially tongue is fissured, having white crust and so painful and dry

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