First Aid – Open The Airway: Child

opening the airway for a child when your aren’t gorgeous your muscles relax your tongue is a huge brain muscle attached to your bottom jaw people talk about swallowing your tongue you can’t swallow your tongue and what they mean is that the tongue relaxes and it ends up flopping down and broken your pair way the way to open someone’s airway is to tilt the head and lift the chin but date for the back of the tongue off to the back of the airway now for an adult you’d go all the way back for a child you put one hand on the head two fingers on the chin and you don’t have to go quite as far back and that would be all that needs to happen to open the airway so it may be that they weren’t breathing before and when you open the airway they start breathing which is great to know the other problem that you have is that the sphincter that keeps the contents of your stomach in your stomach relaxes in open when you’re unconscious so if you are lying on your back the contents of your stomach will trickle up and drip into your lungs this is why the recovery position is so important because if you’re in the recovery position the contents of your stomach will then trickle out and they won’t end up causing any problems you

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