First Aid – Recovery Position

– The recovery position. Check for danger. Check for response. Hello, I’m Emma I’m a first aider. Are you okay? No response. I would then open the airway. Check for breathing. And I’m looking for at least two breaths, in a 10 second period. She is breathing, she is
unconscious and she is breathing. So I’ll just relax you back. So, I would then be putting her in the recovery position
as quickly as I can. So, we start, by moving
her arm out of the way so she is not going to roll it. Check the pocket for anything major, anything that’s going to hurt
her once I roll her over. With the other hand, I’m
going to lay the fingers, and you’re going to put that
on the side of her cheek. And then you’re going to lift her knee, and roll her over in one movement. There you go. Then I would unhook her foot to 90 degrees. Move her like that and just gently tilt her head and lift her chin. If I’m not concerned she
may have a spinal injury. If I was worried, then so long as she’s in a position that she would be dribbling, then that would be fine. And then I would keep checking
that she is breathing. I’d cover her, I’d get
an ambulance on the way, and then I’d keep checking her.

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