First Aid & Safety Procedures : How to Close a Wound During First Aid

You know during first aid procedures at times
we may encounter someone who is experiencing a cut or laceration requiring stitches or
sutures. However, we are going to talk about how to close the wound during first aid procedures.
Hi I’m Captain Joe Bruni. There are several ways to close a wound temporarily until medical
help or medical facilities can be reach to suture or stitch a would close. One of the
things that you may find in the common first aid kit, is regular medical tape and some
type of ampule of benzoid iodine looking material that can be used sort of like a glue to close
the material or close the wound. We could also use medical tape or in this case some
type of a butterfly type of bandage that would be placed over top of the wound area. We would
take the benzoid, break the ampule and soak it into the cotton applicator and swab. It
would be sort of like using a glue stick for we would apply the benzoid to the one side
of the wound keeping careful, or being careful not to get it inside the wound as it will
irritate it and then we would take the medical tape or the butterfly bandage, peel back the
adhesive if it’s a butterfly bandage, apply it to the benzoid on one side,
pull it across and stretch it to the other side as we close the wound and seal it off.
With basic first aid techniques, a little bit of benzoid and tape for first aid procedures,
we can temporarily close a wound until it can be stitched or sutured at a medical facility.
I’m Captain Joe Bruni, stay safe and we’ll see you next time.


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