First Aid & Safety Procedures : How to Do the Heimlich Maneuver on a Child

You know one of the most frightening situations
that we could ever encounter is that of a choking child that has an obstructed airway.
Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni. And what we’re going to talk about is how to perform the
Heimlich maneuver on child versus an adult. It will be very similar to the same technique
that’s used on an adult victim. The first step that we want to try and determine is,
is the person choking. They will usually show the international distress sign of choking,
by placing both hands across the throat showing that they are choking. If the victim is sitting,
have them stand. Explaining to them you are going to use the Heimlich maneuver. The Heimlich
maneuver would be making a fist and using the thumb, right above the pelvic line of
the child. And delivering upward thrusts up into the body, rapidly and forcefully. Trying
to expel air and blow the obstructed airway or foreign body out of the upper respiratory
tract. If that doesn’t work, the next step for a child that is small enough in size.
Would be to take the child, as you sit as a rescuer, placing your hand over the victims
abdominal area, so you can lay the forward over top of your bent knee and deliver back
thrusts. Supporting the child at all times. If that doesn’t work, or the child becomes
unconscious, gently lower the victim to the ground. And you would either straddle the
victim or sit along side the victim by placing the hands on the abdominal area or the belly
and driving upward forcefully towards the head. Delivering those blows. That would force
air up through the lungs from the diaphragm and out the victims airway, helping dislodge
the victims obstruction. Stay safe. I’m Captain Joe Bruni and we’ll see you next time.


  1. My 3 and half year old daughter started choking on some Trix cereal last weekend, when I noticed she was choking the first thing I did was plop her down on my knee,
    when I did that, I think that force alone knocked free the stuck food in her throat.
    It scared the heck out of me, but this video tells me I did the right thing.
    Had I not noticed she was ok, I was about to do the back slap next.
    So glad I watched this video.

  2. I know this is a serious issue and i don't take this as a joke! I do think it's good to be watching these videos even though they aren't like hands on experiance, but him straddling the child just made it really awkward. I'm just asking myself why could've he gone by the side of the child like he said before.

  3. Very informative and easy to understand for my foreign students learning English in France. Thanks, Captain!

  4. This is the old method. According to AHA guideline, by delivering back blows one can actually force the object further down the windpipe. 's bWhat is being taught and has been for a very long time is abdominal thrusts. Also AHA is no longer calling it Heimlichs but Foreign Body Obstruction.

  5. @JuliaC96 I'm not hateful when I say that *you* are the one needing to address your issues, not him or anyone else. If the context of the video isn't enough for you to see this for what it is, then you might need to talk about this to someone.

  6. @XXIstCenturyBoy I specifically said at the beginning of my comment that I know this isn't a joking matter and it is good for them to put videos of this kind of stuff up.
    If you took it in a way where I need to talk the issues to "someone else" well I'm sorry you took it that way. That wasn't my intention.
    I'vealready taken a class in FirstAid/Heimlich/CPR in case any of this happened. And the teacher/instructor on the video explained it just fine.
    Hope this cleared some things up for you.

  7. i just did a hemlich's manoeur in a 3 year old kid who came to casualty in a gasping state with SpO2 of 60 ,after an accidental ingestion of a fruit's seed.After doing heimlich's manoeur, i was able to remove the airway obstruction in the right bronchus and the child was able to breathe freely and maintain spO2 saturation of 100percent..
    Dr siby kurian philip MD,pediatrician,st thomas mission hospital,kattanam,allepy,kerala,india

  8. this is all wrong , in canada the first aid stadards were much upgraded. Please upgrade the videos for the sake of others

  9. I saved my 2 year olds life by doing all of this when he chocked on some cheese. He is alive and well because of videos like these. I literally cannot be more thankful to people who promote these life saving procedures 🙂


  11. Better to have a doctor look the child over afterwards than to be dead when paramedics get there. But, this is to be used only if they stop coughing.

    I asked a question similar to this when I was in first aid. When a heartbeat has stopped, you're supposed to do chest compressions. I asked "but if his ribs are broken" (like from an accident) "couldn't the broken bones pierce him and do damage?" The answer was: "Well, without the chest compressions, he's already dead. His heart has stopped."

  12. Very good video, and my wife and I will absolutely commit these procedures to memory. However, I'm slightly amused that the presenter says children "will usually show the international distress sign for choking". Usually?? I have no idea whether they teach this stuff in school or pre-school, but even if a four-year-old has been taught the international distress sign, what are the odds that he/she will think to display it in the panicky moments of choking?

  13. I didn't think it was Pervy at all. But it was awkward that he never got off the child lol. Wonder if he's still there.

  14. Ya know, this is the 1st result when i searched for "child heimlich",  but there was a 15sec advertisement that I had to watch and the maneuver isn't shown until like 52 seconds after a self indulgent meet and greet.  My kid would be dead if I was consulting this in an emergency, which I know is not the function of YouTube….but it could be many people's only recourse.  There should be quick loading emergency tutorials for this kind of situation.

  15. There is something seriously wrong with all you morons who are posting sick/perverted comments here. It's a video teaching you how to hopefully save a child. Grow the f*ck up.

  16. the so-called international symbol of choking (crossing arms up near neck) is B.S.   That's an American thing and people don't always do that when choking.

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