First Aid & Safety Procedures : How to Identify Signs of Mothball Poisoning

You know, there’s different types of poisons
that can be ingested out there. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni. What I want to talk about is a
specific type of poisoning that comes from mothballs. If you suspect mothball poisoning
in a young child or elderly patient expect to see some signs and symptoms that will let
you know that this has occurred. If someone has eaten mothballs, or poisoned themselves
from eating mothballs, it will show up in the small child or even the adult victim as
seizure activity and respiratory distress types of problems, or breathing difficulties.
If this occurs, seek medical help and call poison control immediately, as you have the
person transported to a medical facility. Mothballs are not as common as they once were;
however, elderly people many times still have mothballs located within their house, especially
in areas where clothing is stored; like cupboards, cedar chests, and things of that nature. Mothball
poisoning can be a very serious event. So again, if you suspect mothball poisoning,
expect seizure activity and respiratory distress problems within the hour. Stay safe. I’m Captain
Joe Bruni, and we’ll see ya’ next time.

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