First Aid & Safety Procedures : How to Prevent Fainting

You know, knowing what action to take, during
a medical emergency, can bring a feeling of gratification, as well as a sense of well
being for the individual, that may be in trouble, and in need of help. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni,
and what I want to talk about, is what actions to take when someone feels faint, or is having
a fainting type of episode. A fainting type of episode could result in unconsciousness,
or a fainting spell. If a person feels faint, or tells you they feel faint, stand behind
them, and gently wrap your arms around them, preparing for them to go unconscious, or faint,
and gently lower them to the ground. If fainting doesn’t occur, have the person lie down on
their own. Do not use any type of pillow, or any device to prop up the head. As if fainting
does occur, this could impede breathing and the airway. Open the window or door, providing
fresh air. If there’s fans available, turn on the fan, to provide even further fresh
air. Something like a cool washcloth placed across the head, or the forehead area, can
also bring great relief. Allow approximately ten minutes for the person who feels faint,
to recover from their situation. If they haven’t felt relief in approximately ten minutes,
from the measures that we’ve mentioned, move on to calling the Emergency Response System,
and having medical professionals come out to evaluate the victim or patient. I’m Captain
Joe Bruni. Stay safe, and we’ll see you next time.


  1. yes you do prop the head but backwards because that opens the airways propping the head forwards is like when you twist a hose pipe

  2. I just almost fainted for the first time today. Are the signs like… ears feel clogged (Jet Lagged) and you feel like your about to die?

  3. @geozhukov when im about to faint (i faint alot) i get a headache, i feel dizzy, my ears block, and my vision goes fuzzy untill i see 'stars' and then i faint 🙂

  4. I  have fainted  2  times  .  Last  time   I  fainted  at my Walmart they  call  the  ambulance on me .  First  time  riding on one

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