First Aid & Safety Procedures : How to Prevent Hypothermia

You know there’s a killer out there that can
zap our energy and take our life rather quickly. Hi. I’m Captain Joe Bruni. What we’re going
to talk about is hypothermia and how to avoid it from occurring. One of the key ways to
keep hypothermia from setting is to dress accordingly. Hypothermia is something that
comes on suddenly and usually silently and quickly. Dress accordingly by having some
type of inner layer for a wicking layer to pull moisture and sweat away from the body,
a middle layer that is basically an insulating layer and an outer layer of clothing that
provides protection from the elements on the exterior of our body. Its also a good idea
to have mittens and a type of hat to help insulate the head and hands which have heat
loss occur rather frequently and quickly through them. Along with the clothing we wear staying
out of nasty weather if weather turns really bad like wind and rain. There’s nothing that
will zap your energy and cause hypothermia to set in quicker than being wet in a high
forceful wind. So seek shelter accordingly if the weather turns nasty. Also drink plenty
of water to keep the brain functioning normally and to keep your energy levels high. Take
in food such as carbohydrates, in small portions by eating continually a little bit every hour,
keeping our energy levels up. Hypothermia should also be monitored in each other when
you’re out in the woods or in the wilderness, hiking or partaking in any type of recreational
activity. It is a silent killer that comes on quickly and recognizing the signs early
can be key to treatment and survival. I’m Captain Joe Bruni, stay safe and we’ll see
you next time.


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