First Aid & Safety Tips : How to Conduct a Head-to-Toe Exam During First Aid

You know one of the first things that needs
to be completed during any first aid process, is the Head to Toe Survey. Hi, I’m Captain
Joe Bruni, and what we’re going to discuss, is how to complete the Head to Toe Survey,
during the first aid procedure or process. The Head to Toe Survey, would be first, maintaining
cervical spine control, or neck control of the head, and evaluating the head first. We
would feel along the sides of the head, and the back of the head, to determine if we have
any type of skull depression, bleeding. Looking at the ears and the eyes, and the mouth and
nose, to determine if there’s been any injury to the head. We would then move down to the
neck, feeling the back of the neck, for any deformity. Moving on to the shoulders, the
rib cage, the chest area. Feeling down along those areas for any asymmetry, or deformities
in those areas. Sliding a hand under the back of the person, or back side of the person.
Feeling for any fluids or blood loss, or any deformities, once again. Moving on down to
the legs. Checking the legs for any deformities, feeling both front and back, for any injuries,
blood, or fluid loss. The same for the arms. Checking both front and back, looking for
asymmetry, or any type of injuries. We would then check for pulses, in both wrists, to
determine if we have pulses there, and then we would move on to the tops of each foot.Feeling
the pedal pulses on the tops of each foot, to see if we have good circulation, to all
extremities. Conducting the Head to Toe Survey, is a good procedure to follow, for any first
aid situation. I’m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe, and we’ll see you next time.


  1. I guess this is more for external injuries maybe? If there's an injury in the torso, it would more likely be internal which would be for a doctor to diagnose when the person got to hospital later on….Although I'm no expert!

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