First Aid & Safety Tips : How to Get Dirt Out of Your Eye

You know, it’s a relative inconvenience, and
frustrating experience to get something in the eye that needs to be flushed away. Hi,
I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and what we’re going to talk about is how to properly flush someone
who has gotten something in their eye, such as dirt. The very first thing that we would
do is obtain, if possible, some type of isotonic solution from a first aid kit, or something
that’s designed for flushing of the eyes. If none of that is available, placing water
inside of some type of spray or squirt bottle that can be used much like a syringe, would
be the next step. The patient could be asked to sit in a chair or lie on a couch, and place
some type of cloth next to the eye and tilt the head back, while they hold that piece
of cloth in place for you, to keep the solution from running into the ear and possibly down
their body to wet them. We would turn on a bright light if possible, and open the eye;
taking a look to see if we can determine what area there is debris or dirt that needs flushed.
We would then open our bottle of isotonic eyewash solution or water, and flush forcefully
across the eye, trying to flush the dirt or debris away, constantly viewing to see if
we’ve got everything away. After or so, we would ask the person to blink, dry the side
of the face and see if the irritation is gone. If it’s not, we would flush for the second
time, trying to determine once again where the debris or material is located. If after
the second time we haven’t dislodged it, or it still feels like there’s an irritation
going on in there, it may be damage to the cornea or a scratch to the cornea that has
occurred. In that situation, the person should be transported to some type medical facility.
Flushing of the eye is a simple, easy process, as long as you remember the steps of evaluating
the eye, and flushing with an isotonic solution if you have it available. Stay safe. I’m Captain
Joe Bruni, and we’ll see ya’ next time.


  1. i was just walking my dog and she went #1 and kicked her feet after papidly and when she did that she got a small piece of woodchip in my eye…it hurt but when i ran home i wet a piece of toilet paper and dragged it to the waterline of my eye and got it out πŸ˜€

  2. this guy's mustache and forearm tattoo make me think he was probably a porno star in the late 70s before he started his career as a fireman!

  3. How do you do that though with a 3 year old whos screaming and your on your own? My son has just got sand in his eye I had to hold him down and pour water in his eyes that way not sure if its all out as hes sleeping now?

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