First Aid & Safety Tips : How to Treat a Dog Bite

You know many bite injuries occur across the
United States every year from common household pets like dogs. Hi I’m Captain Joe Bruni and
what I’m going to talk about is how to treat the common dog bite. Dogs can cause a great
deal of tissue damage when they bite. The first step is to clean the area with soap
and water, some type of disinfectant like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to eliminate
any germs or bacteria. If bleeding is occurring some type of pressure or pressure dressing
maybe in order. Cleanly bandage the wound and monitor the wound and area for signs of
secondary infection like swelling and redness. Ice supplied in twenty minute intervals, of
twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off will also reduce the swelling as it occurs. Keep
in mind the dog should be monitored for at least fifteen days after it has delivered
it’s bite for signs of rabies. Secondary infection could be common because of the amount of bacteria
that can be delivered from a dog bite. So re-cleaning the wound and redressing the wound
may be in order. I’m Captain Joe Bruni stay safe, and we will see you next time.


  1. Mine was white yesterday, but over the night it has turned into a small scrape looking thing. Its on my thumb area, and all my muscles near my thumb are sore and hurt really bad. When he bit me, the area inside looked purple o.O

    Do i need to worry? Or is this, the third day since the dog bite, normal to have it appear like a small scrape even though it was deep, and have he area around swelled and sore? Mind you this was like a semi-deep puncture wound.

  2. My girlfriend got bit by my friends dog. its REALLY BAD. The dog had all of its shots. but the problem is she refuses medical treatment. and its a large open gash. at least a centimeter wide and and inch long. she cleans it and puts ointment on it. but i am really scared.

  3. I hope she's alright. Its 3months since you wrote that, is she ok? Did it cause any damage? I hope she's alright… Is she? I got bit literaly 30mins ago, not 2 bad, but .5inches deep but it doesn't hurt.

  4. @TheCondemnedProphet

    yeah actually which is good.
    i was worried about her
    but nothing left but a nasty scar, and the tissue is not soft its rock hard. but other then that shes ok

  5. Thank goodness. My dog bites alright, i just hope i don't get tetness of watever, but im a teen, i live for this stuff 😛 Next, im onto snake bites or jumping from a plane with a faulty parachute lol.

  6. My dog looks like those attack dogs from CoD and he really is one. He bit my left hand middle finger and it has alot of ripped skin. I am so gonna give him a good beating tomorrow.

  7. hey, i got bit on monday and have two punctures on either side of my calf from a bouvier. its saturday now its been pussing for the last two days. should i ask for pain killers or anything? p.s also swelling in ankle and foot aswell as around the calf and knee.

  8. Okay I got bite by a pitbill yesterday. My right arm is swollen and red, does that mean it's infected. If so what can happen if the infection gets worse ?

  9. For having a name like defendingdog I wouldn't have guessed that you would be such an idiot. I guess I was wrong.

    Because this is one of the most idiotic posts I have ever read.

  10. my friend's dog bit me on the freaking face 🙁 is just a minor scratch but it sucks because now I have to wear a banaid and is annoying how people keep asking me what happened

  11. I got bitten yesterday Sept. 14th 2014 in the dog park. After the bite it feels like a red-hot iron was put to my right calf. At first it looked dark red, the size of a silver dollar. Next day almost all of my right lower leg (calf) is blue/green/red. I am stunned how much tissue is affected. I put antibiotic creme on it. I should have gotten the dog owners name and checked if the dog has all the necessary vaccinations, but I was too stunned by the incident and the woman didn't help me at all.

  12. i watched this vid cuz i tought im gonna suffer. but i realized it was just a scratch from my dogs claw…

  13. My dog just nit me and I'm waiting for my dad to come home because I can't get my glasses the dog is sitting on them omg

  14. It did not make a wound though. It kinda like when you get a "rip" in gymnastics but there's only skin you need to peel off and there's no spot that stings. It only just hurts because I just got bitten.

  15. I got bite by a small dog. I know the dog I was hardly bleeding did break the skin though. It’s been a day or two and the one bite has like a small bump on it now that skin did peel back but it is now healed back but it turned into a very small bump and it does hurt a lot if it gets tuched. So I guess my question is if you get bitten by a dog you know and it has had its vaccinations should you be okay or would you recommend seeing a doctor?. Cuz it’s been more then 8 hours but it has been cleaned and bandaged.

  16. Please people, if in any doubt, seek medical attention. The risk of not doing so is great and potentially costly. Document the incident, report the dog—if it is a threat to others, you could help prevent a child or someone else from suffering a needless and traumatic attack. Dogs which attack may need to be quarantined and evaluated. If your dog attacks someone, you could be held liable.

  17. I just got bit by my german shepherd today.She jumped over a fence and here leg got tangled in some wire that was there.It looked like she was in a alot of pain and she was scared.I did one of the dumbest things and grabbed here to try and cut the wire, she bit me so hard on both of my forearms.I just cleaned it with soap and water and I put some alcohol on it.I just wrapped both of them up and I plan on going to the doctor to get it checked tomorrow since it's too late right now.It hurts and she broke the skin a little bit and it bled a little bit too.It also swoll up and turned red.Im a little worried, because my wounds were covered in saliva after she bit me and she doesn't have a very clean mouth.I cleaned it immediately so I think that reduced the risk of infection, but I don't want to take any chances and im going to get it checked as soon as possible.I don't feel sick so thats good.

  18. My puppy bit my ear and its really awkward to bandage it because its inside my ear. It was bleeding a lot and it burned cleaning it.

  19. My pup was just super excited to go for a walk as usual and jumping hysterically as I opened the door but this time he accidentally bit me in the leg.

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