First Aid & Safety Tips : How to Treat a Snake Bite

You know one of the common animals that can
cause an injury and a great deal of fear in the hearts and minds of us as human beings
is the common snake. Hi I’m Captain Joe Bruni and what I’m going to talk about is how to
treat a common snake bite injury. There are many poisonous snakes across the world and
the United States. Poisonous snakes usually leave some type of identifying mark that they
in fact are poisonous snake. Triangular shape heads, pit vipers with their viper between
the eye and nostril are all indications of a poisonous snake. The bite mark from a poisonous
snake commonly will leave fang marks. If bitten by some type of poisonous snake in the United
States. If this has occurred, common snake bite kit can be used to treat the snake bite.
Medical help will be needed and sought if bitten by a poisonous snake. Wash the area
and dress the area after a snake bite has occurred. Apply some type of constrictor type
of bandage above the site to restrict blood flow but not to cut it off or eliminated.
And keep that body part below the level of the heart. And then seek medical attention
as quickly as possible. Snake bite occurs across the United States and the world throughout
the year causing a great deal of pain and discomfort. Keep in mind the common snake
bite kit, cleaning the wound, staying calm and applying some type of constricting bandage
above the site area and keeping that below the level of the heart, are the common keys
to treating snake bite injury while in route to the medical facility. I’m Captain Joe Bruni,
stay safe and I’ll see you next time.


  1. bubbleduckykid is right snakes arent poisonous they are venemous because poison is is digested and venom is enjected but other than that he is right for the most part

  2. ok, what he has said is wrong,
    I live in australia, and all medical docator's state, " DO NOT WASH, MASSAGE, OR RUB THE BITTEN AREA"
    this is because the bite wound will have traces of venom, as so they can detect and prevent fatality or immediate sickness.
    Also, never once the bandage is place evenly over the whole limb, never remove the bandage unless around a ready medical staff as the removal will cause what is known as " TOXIC SHOCK". the venom will go unhindered towards the heart.

  3. wow, he has said so many wrong things here!! I can't believe this video has been put up on expert village.

    This video needs to be taken done NOW! anyone watching this, don't listen to him, if he was treating anyone for a snake bite they would most likely end up dead.

  4. @BubbleDuckyKid
    Poison – a substance that through its chemical action usually kills, injures, or impairs an organism
    Venom – poisonous matter normally secreted by some animals (as snakes, scorpions, or bees) and transmitted to prey or an enemy chiefly by biting or stinging; broadly : material that is poisonous

  5. @LingFangKou Yeah, but ignore what he said about the tourniquet. You do more harm than good using a tourniquet on anything less than a gushing open wound over an artery. Don't restrict blood flow to or from the bite site. Simply slow it down. Let your body work it out while you wait for help to come.

  6. Another example of ignorance and wrong thinking that is NOT based on any reputable source!
    Checkout the First Aid instructions at working with wildlife usa dot com, click on the references section. This info is based on the latest medical research and is up to date and completely factual!

  7. What is "The Common Snake"??? There are hundreds of diferent kinds of snakes, some common and some not so common.

  8. ya this guy is a tool. Is he just some dude who calls himself Captain and does these videos? Who is he, what training does he have? Where does he work? He is giving incorrect advice.

  9. Don't wash the bite area because when you get to the hospital they can identify what snake bit you with a swab of the bite, as the snake will leave a trace of venom on your skin. identifying snakes is really hard so this saves a lot of time and confusion and you can get the right anti venom in time. I felt obliged to write this.

  10. You do NOT wash the area, a hospital identifies venoms by taking swabs from the bite area. Washing is the last thing you want to do. Stick to fighting fires.

  11. You are such an ignorant being. Just take the camera away from you and the world would be a better place.

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