First Aid Supplies From Dollar Tree- Must Have First Aid Items to Stockpile

first aid supplies from the Dollar Tree first aid supplies from Dollar Stores hi it’s AlaskaGranny I made a shopping excursion to the Dollar Tree and decided to beef up my first aid
supplies so I was able to get bandages bandaids gauze pads rolled gauze cough medicine gentle tape sticks to itself not your skin
or hair that sounded good I found alcohol
prep pads an actual Curad brand flex fabric bandages which I was glad to see
the Curad and I was especially glad to see that they were fabric because
those are hard to find especially for one dollar I bought a tube of muscle rub you can also find tubes of triple
antibiotic cream and cortisone cream bought a pair of 3.25 reading glasses to keep with my first aid supplies so that in an emergency situation I can stick them
on and see close up with reading glasses at whatever I might need to be rendering first aid I like that Plackers dental floss
bought 10 X magnifying mirrors which I
just love they are handy and they’re one dollar you go to
other drug stores and they can be up to ten dollars each unexpected to find was this level and it has at ninety-degree you can do it this way it
can do it this way it has a ruler on it and it’s very sturdy I thought that an excellent find
for only one dollar you never know what you’re going to find at the
Dollar Tree if you don’t have enough first aid
supplies shop at the Dollar Tree or Dollar Store and stockpile first aid supplies for emergency situations I bought alcohol they also have
peroxide stock up
on first aid supplies and emergency supplies things you do need take an inventory and keep track of what
you have so that you can make sure no matter what happens you
have supplies on hand to take care any kind
of an emergency please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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