First Aid Tips : How to Treat a Muscle Pull

You know throughout the course of everyday
life, all of us will experience some type of muscle pull or strain. Hi I’m Captain Joe
Bruni. And what we are going to talk about is how to treat the common muscle strain or
muscle pull. When a muscle is strained or pulled there’s usually damage to the muscle
fibers and tissues. One of the common ways to treat that pulled muscle injury is to apply
some type of cold pack or ice to reduce swelling and pain. After the application of ice or
some type of commercially sold cold pack, this can be applied in short increments of
no more then ten to fifteen minutes. In this way, we will not further cause injury or burns
to the skin due to the cold. Remove the cold after about ten to fifteen minutes of application
allowing the skin and the surface and areas where the muscle is pulled and located to
rewarm themselves. For the first few days, continue to apply ice to that pulled muscle
area. After a few days wrap the area with some type of bandage, continue to rest and
rehabilitate the area and try and attempt to do some stretching exercises providing
it does not cause pain. After bandaging the area, after a few days, heat can be applied
to increase blood flow to help the healing process and a speedy recovery. I’m Captain
Joe Bruni stay safe and we’ll see you next time.


  1. @DjSRL71 You should probably go to the sub title/options mode. Also, why are you mad at the screen for the sub titles?

  2. @TheNextProduction You're actually not supposed to do that, but that's how they teach medical personnel. In reality, you should listen to what your body wants …

  3. lol, well, if your not someone who's pretty vulnerable to the pain you wont listen your body, and you may end up increasing the injury, just apply ice for some days and then sligthly stretch without feeling any kind of pain.

  4. I am dealing with what I believe to be a pulled tricep muscle I can relax my arm straight like I am now typing this out but if I attempt to position it any more close than my shoulder than 90degree it hurts as if the muscle isnt long enough to make the stretch feels like it's gonna snap! it has been approx 3 days now and I am gonna apply ice now and do as the video suggest I hope this helps. I am not the young man I used to be…LOL

  5. I played 5 aside football for the first time in years and both my quad muscles are killing me ! I rested for over a weak thinking I felt better! Tried to play again last night and now I'm back to square one !!!

  6. Hope this helps my traps strain! Pains like a bitch! Im dying to hit the gym again!
    PS i thought thats a fake arm xD So skinny LOL

  7. I was taking off a tire from a are car and when I tried a sudden pain went to me left arm and on my back is there something I can do? If you know please tell me

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