First Aid Tips : How to Treat a Puncture Wound

You know doing certain activities, many of
us may sustain injury. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni and what I’m going to talk about is
how to treat a common puncture wound. Puncture wounds can be a result of fish hooks penetrating
the skin or other types of objects that pierce through the skin. Puncture wounds are very
difficult to clean because of the nature of their injury. The first step would be to assess
the injury and normally, there won’t be a great deal of bleeding with most puncture
wounds. The first step would be to use some type of sterilize water to clean the affected
area of any contaminants or blood that maybe around the puncture site wound. Trying to
reveal where the puncture actually has taken place. Once the area is cleanse and cleared
of any blood or debris, the puncture wound can be treated by following these basic steps.
First and foremost you want to increase a little bit of bleeding because it cannot be
cleansed properly. Something like a pair of tweezers or hemostats can gently squeeze the
skin to encourage a little bit of bleeding to help flush that puncture wound of any dirt,
bacteria or debris. After it has been cleansed, take some type of sterile, if available, and
if not, clean dressing and apply to the puncture wound area and tape that dressing down with
medical tape or wrap area or the dressing in some type of cling or gauze. Puncture wounds
are never a fun thing to have. Also, you may want to consider having a tetanus booster
or tetanus shot, if one has not been received in the last ten years. I’m Captain Joe Bruni,
stay safe and we’ll see you next time.


  1. indeed. I'm planning on attending a camping trip with some friends, and decided to pick up a basic medical kit "just in case". Then I realized… what am I supposed to do with some of the stuff in it…. duh..

  2. I actually got attacked by a stray dog on the way home from school yesterday. It gave me two puncture wounds above my foot. I also heard another way to treat one is to put hydrogen peroxide on the wound so it can get rid of anything to infect the wound. A docter told me how because a few years ago i got another puncture wound and had to go to the hospital.

  3. Critical error:
    In most cases, the ring should have been removed as frequently swelling would occur early and could compromise the finger…best to have the casualty remove it then or assist!

  4. What should i do if some one gets stabbed? Should i remove the object and apply pressure or leave the object in and wait for the ambulance?

  5. 5,819 people have watched this video. I'm sure more have gotten stabbed or shot in the US within this week. More people should watch this video…. 🙁

  6. Well assuming the object has been removed from the puncture (never remove for in first aid if possible). And you have severed an artery/vein, then you first must apply DIRECT PRESSURE. In some cases however this doesn't stop bleeding, and then you must apply pressure to the pressure point higher up the arm/leg closer to the torso. This will limit bleeding and give time for the blood to clot and healing take place. Then dress the wound. From then, keep PP pressed for 5 mins.

  7. my friend poked me with a pencil and the shard got stuck in my wrist or around it I took it out and I'm afraid my wrist will be taken off and well I'm mostly afraid that there's still a piece still in there I squeezed it used cold water, peroxide, polysporin fast heal how do I treat it I don't know if they help or not

  8. help I was taking out skateboard bearings with a flathead screwdriver thingy and it went in deep and I washed it for 5mins and then cleaned with soap then antibiotics then the bandage. anything missing in this process???? please help

  9. I was doing some yard work and I got punctured by a Rossellini date palm on my knuckle. I think some of the thorn is still in there. Where should I go for surgery to get it out or maybe there's a better way to get the thorn fragments out?

  10. Yesterday I stabbed myself with a pencil four times on the back of my hand, how do I get rid of the led colour? There is no led IN my hand but it left a black mark in my hand for each stab, how do i get rid of it? I tried scrubbing my hand with water but that didn't work

  11. Welll…i have a hen just got bit by a dog yesterday on the knob of her butt leaving a puncture on each side of the center and tail feathers pullout.
    Was oozing from the feather roots torn and seeping from the puncture.
    Its one day now. Its bruised purple..and crunched pretty good.
    This was my treatment:
    1. Let it bleed..encourage blood flow pushing bacteria out.
    2. Drench with hyrogen peroxide (kill bacteria )and wipe clean. **alcohol and salts BURN..avoid. **iodine works but disgusting stains
    3. Apply pressure with sterile cotton compress until blood ceases flow.
    4. Apply a film of petroleum jel on area as a sealant.
    5. Secure sterile bandage (soak up blood seepage) with slight pressure.
    6.feed dusting of iboprufin (pain and inflammation) in food.
    7. Isolate from flock keep her calm and quiet in subdued light.
    8. 18 hrs..flush with hydrogen peroxide
    9. Apply cold (for pain) wet carbon and flaxmeal wet poultice (to draw out possible infection) pack directly on wounds, moulded to shape around her butt.. for 12 hours. Fed a dusting of iboprufin (pain and inflammation) in some peas and raw red meat.
    10. Will need to repeat clean and change bandage daily using gel as a sealant and to keep bandage from sticking, as it tears the wound when removing when dry.
    11. Expect 10 days for bruising (rotting dead cells) to flush away and painful swelling to subside..and progress in wound closing itself
    12. If pus appears it may need be a vet antibiotic.
    …Has anyone ever had to wrap the butt knob of a chicken? (Actually she sat very still..she must know im helping her
    ….shes an americauna lays green eggs.)
    Ps. Keep first aid on hand.😊

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