First Aid Tips : How to Treat Blisters

Many times throughout the course of working
many of us develop blisters, especially on the fingers or other regions of the body.
Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and what we’re going to discuss is the treatment of the common
blister. The common blister will present itself as a raised, whitish patch area filled with
fluid. Blisters should not be broken or popped in any way as an opening in the skin can invite
bacteria and infection to ensue. Take some type of lavender oil and apply the lavender
oil to the blister area to help add nutrients to the skin and promote healing. After the
application of lavender oil some type of small bandage or Band-Aid can be applied to the
blister area if it is small in nature. If it’s a large blister area in nature some type
of gauze pad can be applied and then taped down in place to help avoid further friction
of the site or that area, placing the gauze over the blister area and taping it down with
some type of medical tape until the fluid from within the blister reabsorbs back into
the body. After a few days the blister will heal itself and the skin will toughen up in
that area so the bandages will no longer be needed. Blisters are never fun and they are
a way to invite infection if they are broken open or popped to get the fluid out of them.
You always want to avoid breaking the blister. I’m Captain Joe Bruni, stay safe, and we’ll
see you next time.


  1. I sometimes get blood blisters on the bottom of my feet from doing sports. When I don't pop them they become painful when walking. Also I notice that the blister area gets bigger from the pressure of walking on them. Is there a different treatment for these kinds of blisters?

  2. I never had a blister, until this morning.
    So.. I didn't know what to do and i popped it by accident. It doesn't hurt anymore now 🙂

  3. i got a massive blister from soccer (football) youth league trials and i got another trial in 4 days. would it heal by then??

  4. I got a blister just yesterday (due to friction…) and it hurt quite a bit. I asked my dad (he's more knowledgeable in treating injuries), and he popped it, since it's on my foot and hard to see. The fluid came out, but now fluid is inside it again…why does the fluid keep on re-appearing? 5 punctures is not something I want in a blister…

  5. I just got a blister from playing my guitar. I almost wanted to pop it but after watching this and a couple more vids, I decided to leave it alone. Blisters sucks 🙁

  6. @Joster07
    Oh. A few days ago I had one near the bottom of my calf. I used a sterile needle but didnt use any cream. I let the serum drain and then cleaned it with water and put a bandage over it which i left it on for a day. One day later the bottom of the blister look as if it was burnt and the top half started filling up with serum again. FFS i hate these little buggers!

  7. Umm i got one the size of a quarter from hiking and the skin was completely ripped off when i took my shoe off what do i do?

  8. InVITE. Those little monstrous bacteria and viruses come in UNinvited. They sure did last week.
    I used BSI and every other precaution necessary and still got the norovirus, probably from a patient.
    I'm wearing double gloves from now on. The norovirus is contagious for days after it's been on a hard surface. You have to use bleach in water to kill it. Just Lysol doesn't kill all of it. It's disgusting.

  9. I get blisters on my feet a lot, because my shoes are too tight for me. I always keep a gauze pad in my first aid kits. I don't have lavender oil on hand.

  10. Okay, but what do you do with foot blisters? I've got a huge one on my heel, it's only getting bigger and more and more painful and walking is agony. How can I get it to go down quicker before it pops, which seems inevitable because of where it is and how big it is (it's taking up most of my heel)?

  11. I had blisters from going to a disco in heals 4inch actually sprained my ankles from doing the Macarena it was a school disco from Jess aged 13

  12. interesting … first time that ive heard this helps … well you can pop blisters, but then make sure you cut off the whole blister exposing the red area under it, and then … 😀 rub alcohol on it alot 😀 … i actually preffer it since it hurts for a day then it is fine for work again 🙂

  13. Ive had a blister like thing on my finger for a year now, getting bigger everyday.. How is this thing on my finger suppost to heal if it keeps getting bigger… anyway it just broke (no i didnt make it) and now it stings. so i dont know what to do. can someone tell me what to do?

  14. What if it's from hot glue and it melts into the skin? I took the skin off because I didn't know if the glue would infect it. I really want to know in case it happens again in the future.

  15. I was dabbing and I don't know what made me touch the banger but that got my writing finger a blister. This really helped beacuse I thought you would've needed to pop it. Thank you tho Joe Bruni and your moustache.

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