First Aid Tips : How to Treat Carbon Dioxide Poisoning

You know at some point in time all of us may
experience carbon monoxide poisoning or encounter someone who was overcome with carbon monoxide.
The causes are many. The symptoms can present themselves in various ways. Hi, I’m Captain
Joe Bruni, and what I want to talk about is how to treat the individual who experiences
carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide bonds to the red blood cells, or hemoglobin,
two hundred times faster than oxygen, and once bonded to the red blood cells does not
permit oxygen to enter into the red blood cell. The quickest course of action is to
remove the patient to fresh air. The signs and symptoms may include fatigue, delirium,
or extreme headache. If you suspect someone is experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning
remove them to fresh air, activate the emergency response system to get help in route that
will have compressed oxygen to be delivered. It is also necessary that the person be taken
to the local emergency room or to their doctor’s office as pure oxygen will need to be delivered
to get back into the system and replace the carbon monoxide that happens to be bonded
to the red blood cells. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be a damaging event to the brain that
will last a lifetime. I’m Captain Joe Bruni, stay safe, and we’ll see you next time.


  1. CHANGE TITLE>. Not carbon "DIOXIDE" but MONOXIDE… All the difference in the world.

    Also the written part is using CO2 not CO.. Make change please.

  2. This guy… sounds.. Lik ehe is reading.. from… a que card… I swear… I want.. To stab him repeatedly.. With a fork.. till he has to.. read.. with a little.. emotion..

  3. @irelandcool1 carbon dioxide isnt harmless, its just not any where near high enough concentrations to be more than minorly harmful. and CO2 is a poison, which is why we expell it. its kinda like drinking cyanide or drain cleaner, both can do damage, but you need to drink more drain cleaner than cyanide to get killed. you can also use CO2 to get high, though it might knock you out and kill you…..

  4. @hyperbaricchicken101 its the bends, its when you come up to fast from a dive, and the nitrogen in your bloodstream, which gets compressed when you go diveing, expands when you start to surface, if you surface to fast the nitrogen expands fast enough to force its way into bones, organs, cells, and possibly out fot the body itself (atomic levels) a few molecules doing this isnt lethal, but when they form large bubbles they can do serious damage and are almost always fatal without treatment.

  5. the problem with PSA's like this is that they expect you to be around medical personell. what the hell do you do if you in the middle of the deser t on a trip, or in a plane crash waiting for rescue, or what if shit hits the fan and civilization breaks down? other than get in a O2 rich enviroment, theres nothing you can do as far as im aware though.

  6. So why do we hear about warnings of rising CO2 levels from environmentalists? Maybe the real problem is that there are not enough plants around to turn the CO2 into breatheable Oxygen!

  7. Like I always used to tell my husband about wilderness first aid is 1) Plan for what could happen and 2) take a wilderness first aid kit with you that includes what you'll need for that emergency. Which he barely even listened to anyway. He used to tease me when I'd do our family fire drills twice a year, said "None of us is likely to die in a fire." And he's the one who actually DID die in one, but not bc he was unprepared.
    Anyway I can see no possible cause for getting CO poisoning in the middle of a desert.
    My friend who had a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry said it's bc oxygen is lighter than carbon monoxide and that's why it doesn't let you get oxygen into the lungs. He didn't say anything about bondings.

  8. carbon dioxide is in coke soda and all soda and carbon water. So, why is the gov allowing this poisoning of the people?

  9. Carbon monoxide is carbon dioxide. The name is changed for the purpose of the way the gov allowing this poisoning to be used. Like on coke soda it is call carbon dioxide rather the carbon monoxide it is the same posion gas push on the market to make soda sale and carbon water sale it is all about the money. Carbon dioxide carbon monoxide = The same posion gas!

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