First Aid Tips : How to Treat Food Poisoning

Have you ever eaten some type of food product
and then within a few hours felt the effects of nausea or diarrhea? You may be experiencing
the signs and symptoms of food poisoning. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and what we’re
going to discuss is how to relieve the symptoms of food poisoning. Food poisoning symptoms
usually occur within 3 to 36 hours of ingesting some type of food that may have bacteria.
Normally vomiting, queasy feeling in the stomach, and diarrhea will result. The main concern
is to keep from becoming dehydrated from losing fluids through vomiting and diarrhea. Suck
on small ice chips or small sips of clear fluid, even sports drinks are really your
best option to replace lost electrolytes. Frequently take in small amounts of liquid
in as much as you can tolerate until the vomiting stops or the queasiness goes away. Once the
vomiting has subsided try to stick to foods that are bland such as rice, applesauce or
even toast, things that are easy to digest as you work your system back to becoming normal.
Avoid high fiber foods, caffeine and other foods that are hard to digest. In this way
you can keep hydrated and work through the signs and symptoms of food poisoning. I’m
Captain Joe Bruni, stay safe, and we’ll see you next time.


  1. You forgot terrible headache and high fever. I can't swallow anything and I puke even with smells, i hate smelling anything, everything makes me vomit. I feel dying here, I hate it here, I need to get out of this country soon. I had food poisoning many times.

  2. sitting in a hotel in India, that gave me food poisoning and can't get a bottle of water… fml… Never come to this shithole

  3. ugggghhh this is terrible.. ive thrown up at least 15 times today and have basically made the bathroom my living space ……. school lunch kills … never eating the nachos with beef ( which has a whitish look) AGAIN !!!!!

  4. thank u Captain Joe, I was soon sick this morning, I Was About To Pass Out On The toilet, I'm Getting Better 8 Hours Later. :o(

  5. I dunno why, but drinking whole bottles of liquor always give me food poisoning! Then the next morning I get very dehydrated, vomit, diarrhea, and nausea. What am I doing WRONG?!

  6. In Mexico had street food for the first and last time, hour 4 or 5 lost track and how many times I have thrown up. Ready to die

  7. Can’t sleep, can’t move, I’m hot and cold at the same time, I can’t drink anything but I’m super thirsty, damnit.

  8. Mineral water works better than pure water. You'll absorb some of the minerals which are lost with the dehydration. It's the same with hangovers BTW.

  9. I have it now. Actually started yesterday after eating tuna. Took about 30min before symptoms hit. 10 hours later it reached it's climax. Felt so much better after trowing up so I guess if your body wants it out, don't fight it. Some Nilla Waffers and Powerade helped a lot. It sucked because it's rare I throw up. In fact it's been 13 years so this bs hurt lol. Good luck to those who have it. Btw, the chills are intense so get ready for that.

  10. Okay so I feel light headed and I ate something from McDonald's and that was 10:00 on Tuesday and the very next day I felt light headed and was having g diarrhea but I'm not vomiting or y stomach sort of hurts what is it

  11. Got food poisoning from a kale drink, who would have thought something like that would betray me?

  12. I’m on like 12 hours, this shit is fucking hell. And I went to the doctors and they said they can’t do shit. I’ve thrown up 14 times in these 12 hours. It’s horrible I wouldn’t wish this shit on anyone

  13. we love you so much captain from Texas!!..your my hero😢😢…its AMAZZING feeling to know that amazing smart individuals like you exist in this terrible world we live in today sir!..god bless you and your family!..your my American hero!☺

  14. Ate at a really slow business hour at the Chinese buffet. I was sick within about 6 hours. Really horrible egg burps and diarrhea. Then the vomiting started and OMG I threw up almost every half hour for 12 hours. If I drank 3 sips of tea I threw up a glass worth within 20 minutes. The diarrhea was so bad that my entire ass, even the inner cheeks, is totally raw. Once I could keep food down I ate really really salty rice, and sipped chicken bullion. Luckily the worst of it only lasted 24 hours.

  15. Geez I feel absolutely devastated. I want to say it was what I had last night, a steak, but really could’ve been anything I’ve had in the past week. Food poisoning isn’t traceable to the last meal you’ve had, necessarily

  16. Had fried oyster Poboy after 3 hours vomiting and number 2 feel like shit now I have chest muscle soreness from vomiting this IS HELL! 😭🤮🤢

  17. Bruh fucking dominos gave me food poisoning and now I feel like death. I hate this so much, puking and diarrhea all day 🙁

  18. I feel the only way people have come to find this video is because they need answers for their current problem or for comfort that soon they might be ok XD and that they are not dying XD

  19. When i had food poisoning, i mustve had it easy even though before i realized the stomach pain wasnt me being really hungry. I ate two slices of pizza and i really started to feel it after that. I mustve ate something bad for breakfast. I also took pepto, which you shouldnt do. So i did two no nos when having food poisoning but i only threw up once and i was basically over it after that.

  20. Ok but now we just need to know is how to chill out the stomach cramping 😩 vomiting and diarrhea I can handle but this stomach cramping hurts so bad 😭

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