First Aid Tips : How to Treat Frostbite

You know any one of us who spends a great
deal of time in the outdoors has experienced the numbing effects of cold weather. Hi I’m
Captain Joe Bruni, what I’m going to talk about is how to effectively treat frostbite.
Frostbite is a pretty dangerous situation to happen to us as human beings. Basically
to assess whether it’s frostbite or not feel the skin, if it feels rigid and appears to
be whitish in color it may be indications that frostbite has occurred. In severe cases
the area of the body may begin to turn black or already be black due to destroyed tissues
or frozen tissues. Elevate the area so you can raise it high enough to assess it and
then take the area, and place it in something like luke-warm water where it will be re-warmed.
Make sure it’s not hotter than approximately 104 degrees as you could cause a burn injury.
Understand that once the area has been re-warmed there’s going to be an extreme amount of pain
to that area that has been frostbitten. A trip to the emergency department or the doctor’s
office will be in order. Remove the area from the luke-warm water and wrap it with some
type of sterile dressing like gauze, and cling or a pressure bandage lightly wrapped across
the sterile dressing. If a sterile dressing is not available use something clean like
a clean cloth. Be very gentle when handling frostbite as the skin is very very damaged
and brittle. Working or outdoor activities in the cold can be a lot of fun but can also
result in injury. I’m Captain Joe Bruni, stay safe and we’ll see you next time.


  1. dud i thought i had frostbite so i came on the computer, and looked this video up. red skin, numbness and an itchy feeling is in my hands

  2. Good video! I got my frost bite or "frost nip" from carrying a large metal stapler in from the work van that had been parked in -2*F all night this morning. Took about 1 min to freeze the skin on my hand, thumb, and pointer finger.

    Work and play with care in the cold.

  3. lol i live in st.paul and i made the mistake of riding my bike in windchill weather without gloves and i lost the feeling of my figures for a good 6 months lol

  4. lol maybe it might have been intell spring came,,, but im not sure all i know is that my skin on my fingers tips where rubber feeling lol

  5. Hey Billy. What you have is chilblain, often confused with frostbite. I'd say frostbite is the last stage where serious injury can occur, even loss of an extremity. If you are susceptible to such (chilblain), have it checked by a dermatologist. What you did was right by warming your fingers right away. Of course, keep hands and feet warm in cold weather 🙂 Take care.

  6. You may have had chilblains or frostnip. If you had frostbite, you would have dead skin at the very least. Once your tissue freezes, it's most likely dead and will stay that way. Because this happened to you, take care in the future, because you are more susceptible now, and it could happen faster, and more seriously.

  7. i just looked up frostbite cuz i dint kno wat it was cuz i juz came bak from snowboardin and found a cut in my arm… thank God its not frostbite

  8. @awestruck678 if you're still outside long enough to get frostbite to travel up your arms, you're probably dead. You're going to die of hypothermia or shock before then.

  9. I got frostbite like 10 years on my ears and now a days I just can't handle the cold anymore and my ears go cold even indoors

  10. @Gnarly1995 yeah man he look freaked out at the camera or disguised by the dead body somehow i think

  11. I watched this to know how to perform the "task" that the doctors do in the emergency room, not the complete obvious

  12. yesterday i was snowmobiling and i got cold but i found thos famly looking for there dig by the gighway so i stoped and helped look then i got frostbite all over my face. my friend said i looked like a snowman it was like -50. its numb

  13. My old elementary school would force us outside in -30 degrees Celsius weather although in our district we have to stay in when it's -18 or less

  14. Clean dry socks, antibacterial soap, some pharmacy have mold and fungus removal care for nails, also calus ointment is a last step because it is special formula for skin , seriously consult a Dr. , Healing time is needed.

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