First Aid Tips : How to Treat Mouth Burn

You know, through out the course of every
day life, eventually all of us will experience a burn to the interior part of our mouths.
Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and what I want to discuss is how to soothe the pain from
a burn injury that occurs in the mouth. Burn injuries to the mouth are usually the result
of eating some type of food that is too hot. They can be pretty painful. The mouth is a
mucus membrane that is rapidly healed within a few days; however, when this type of burn
injury occurs, it can be painful. To soothe this type of pain, an ice cube placed in the
mouth, some type of frozen dessert, like ice cream or sherbert sitting in the mouth for
a while can cool the injury. Frozen vegetables taken from the freezer and placed in the mouth
can help soothe the pain. And also and over the counter topical type of antiseptic solution
made with benzacane or other types of analgesics can be purchased at your local pharmacy or
drug store. Pains to, pain to the mouth resulting from a burn injury are never any fun. I’m
Captain Joe Bruni, stay safe and we’ll see you next time.


  1. @prestb Oh wait…you didnt say any thing about..I think h2o2 or something like that? bleh, w/e lol.

  2. Shoved a bunch of noodles in my mouth so. I'm never shoving hot noodles in my mouth again.

  3. I put a red hot fork in my mouth that was sitting in a pan of boiling sauce with raviolli.. I was stressed at the time and didnt think.. then when I bit down on the fork and closed my mouth around it, my fecking lips made a sizzling sound … now I have a sore blistered mouth :S the only thing relieving this pain is bathing my mouth with ice cold milk 🙁

  4. I'm here because I made a drink and taste it out because I got no time to wait until it cool down (sorry bad English)

  5. I made a party pizza and I didnt let it cool down and I took a bite and it got stuck to the tip of my mouth and it still hurts. Its been like 6 hours

  6. My skin in the interior upper part of my mouth is really painful, it(mouth skin) was Irritating me and I peeled it off,i think it left a wound or a sore.I eat,but with pain especially when food touches that inquired area,please can someone kindly give me any remedies.its now 5 days and I still have the pain.
    Thank you.

  7. I was smoking crack and I mistakingly put the wrong end in my mouth,,damm that shit hurt,,but it got me 2 quit hitting the crack pipe

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