First Aid Tips : How to Treat Second & Third-Degree Burns

You know at some point in life all of us will
incur some type of burn injury. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni and what I’m going to discuss is
how to treat the second and third degree burn injury. Second degree involves a blistering
of the skin. Third degree involves charring or blackening of the skin. With either type
of burn injury, second or third degree, the first thing is to cool the burn injury with
some type of clean cotton or other type synthetic material soaked in water that can be placed
over the burn injury site, and cool the area down to help reduce pain and swelling. After
about ten to fifteen minutes of reducing pain and swelling through the cooling method, some
type of sterile dressing should be applied to the burn area. If a sterile dressing is
not readily available from a first aid kit, some type of clean cloth material should be
used over the burn site injury. The sterile dressing is always the best option to place
over the burn injury and then tape that clean dressing down and then wrap with some type
of gauze material to help keep the area as clean as possible. Burn injuries are never
a fun experience to have, but with the proper steps and actions, the chances of infection
can be greatly reduced. Also, with second and third degree burn injuries of significant
size, the person should be taken to the local emergency department for medical, further
medical treatment. I’m Captain Joe Bruni, stay safe and we’ll see you next time.


  1. well, it is probly a 2nd degree burn, but maybe you should go to doctors and get it checked out, otherwise rap it in cling film, and let it breathe for like 30 mins a night and redo the cling film until it heals

  2. well tbh the worst thing they will do is put u in hospital and den u can press charges, also try and get one of your mates to record something off school ground like them hitting u and then u can call the police and press charges

  3. I have a burn in a hard to reach area. In between my toes. I am not sure third of second. I steped on a buring board, it had a nail red hot, in it and it went through my shoe and in between my toes. It hurts BAD and is bleeding a bit. On my way to the hospital is this right(not waiting for a respose lol)

  4. @pewster31
    It's not third degree, a third degree burn is deep tissue damage but you can't feel the pain since its nerve endings have been destroyed.

  5. I have a second degree burn on my arm…. cause i was trying to get something out of the oven and i hit my arm on the oven door… It happen friday morning…. its like red around it and i itches what do i do?

  6. @makeupbabe92 Its healing now… I kept Neo on it and now its healing Fine So I dont need anything els all it is now is a scab… and yeah it was a second degree burn cause i had 2 medics look at it and thats what they said it was…. but ill all good now…

  7. And if the burn is >20% of the BSA, then you can initiate an IV of N/S, if trained and if it allowed by your medical direction/ in your protocol guidlines.

  8. i got 2nd degree burn on my shoulders and when i was trying to sleep i felt puss flowing down my collarbone it was disgusting and hurt so bad

  9. "cotton or any other synthetic material", We're trusting you with your second and third degree burns and you don't know that cotton isn't a synthetic material?!?

  10. @lildannyish It's probably a first degree burn. It's nothing major so don't get scared lol. By now your burn should be somewhat healed but next time you get a burn run it under some cold water for about five minutes. Then rub a little petroleum jelly on it and put some bandages on it. Or some gauze rolls. Which ever works for you.

  11. well i sure do wish i coulda seen this video after my second degree burn to my hand…..the pain was so bad i grabbed a hand full of mud…….so there went the "help area clean as possible.'
    fml…….no infection….yet.

  12. I was warming up wax and left it in the microwave for 30 sec, I went to mix it and it spilled on my hand! It hurts so bad! Would this help? I have an ice pack on it now.

  13. burn my arm yesterday, it was a small patch of red at first but it turns black the next few hours and then it has blister. What degree is it?

  14. A couple months ago I was wearing a metal bracelet and some rubber bracelets, and I spilled boiling wter all over them and endded up with a second degree burn, that happened on march 26 and I still have sccars on my arm

  15. @Theresa Kilcourse no wonder it still hurts! Don't put a burn in ice cold water, it should be cool water! And that's talking from experience, cool water is best option, if the water gets too warm then empty a little and top up a little cold water

  16. My friend had third and fourth degree burns. He lost two fingers afterward.
    But while he was being transported he went into seizures.
    He was burned over 60 percent of his upper body after being trapped in Tower 1 for over an hour.

  17. I Acctently spilled a buch of hot glue on the carpet and wiped it up with my hand a got a 2nd degree burn on my pointer and middle finger

  18. 2nd degree burn when for some reason I forgot to put on a shirt when I was frying burgers and when I heat up the frying pan to 400 degrees Celsius the oil just splashed all over me and I got 51 splashes of oil all over my stomach and sides, in case your wondering why I counted the splashes I was bored on the way to the doctor

  19. I was messing around with sparklers and got a burn on my hand and three fingers and it hurts really bad how long does to take to heal? please reply

  20. ok.. im writing this with my left hand… notice no caps… no way im hitting shift….

    i picked up a hot pan i had in the oven, like a moron.. and it reeeeeeely hurts.

    though it is so what comforting to see all the rest of my fellow sufferers out there

  21. I know a guy who has burns over 60 percent of his body surface. He was working in the World Trade Center, that's how he got them. All 69 of his other colleagues died of being crushed to death. They were all alive at 10:28 when the tower fell; they were all killed by being crushed to death. 

    He would have died too if he hadn't disobeyed Port Authorities instructions to "stay where you are and wait for the fire department to come get you out."
    He told them to forget that nonsense and went looking for help.
    There was no other way to get out except by going through fire, which is what he did but according to him "this was not on purpose." He was thrown from one place to the next by the force of a blast. He remembers a blast of burning hot air throwing him. 
    It doesn't make sense unless you've been a firefighter.

  22. It'd be better to use someone with medical knowledge instead of a firefighter. You also do not use wet dressings to "cool" the burn. You use dry, sterile dressings wrapped loosely.

  23. I burned my fingers I was curling my hair and dropped the curling iron my reflex was to catch the falling object… Lol explaining to the dr how I got 2nd degree burns was kinda funny.

  24. 4th of July and a sparkler just burned my toe at the third degree! It's black but we cooled,disinfected it, and now have it covered! I only watch this cause I wanted to make sure I wouldn't have to have my toe cut off… Which was what I constantly thought was what would happen… Thanks!

  25. Wait how do you have over 400,000 subscribers but only 1,000 views on ur vids? U got some inactive a there!

  26. fell into a campfire. Palm got 3rd degree burns, some parts of my hand. And a 2nd degree burn near my butt on the right leg. Not a fun experience, tho my friends call me the Human Torch now.

  27. +findsugar probably this dosent help because u posted a comment 6 yrs ago but the same treatment applies to sunburns

  28. Just a word or two to explain the burn and cure;I have discovered and invented a device that immediately stops the progression of any disease, allowing the body to quickly heal itself. example;Directions to create MAGICAL MIRACLE's –Set up a meeting with the Press, Doctors and Nurses of a Burn Center.Privately just before the meeting, Burn and Cure two or three volunteers.Have the doctors examine these to determine that there is no burn.Have a bucket of hot water brought into the room (temperature that you can comfortably wash your hands in).Having the volunteers dip their cured burn into the hot water reactivating the injury will immediately produce the pain, blistering and bleeding of a second degree burn.Now you have the full attention of the group and can
    again perform a second MIRACLE "the Burn and Cure".BURNS
    My Experiments – have been with superficial partial thickness burns; the success rate is 100%Immediately treating this burn, pain is alleviated and abolished within five minutes and there will be little or no skin damage.It will take approximately ten minutes of treatment to stop sepsis and alleviate pain on an older burn.Sepsis can be controlled to all depths of the body and a treatment will effectively control a burn area of approximately one percent.Not only does this Device speed up epithelialization, stop pain, stop sepsis but also eliminates shock (coma). "There is no other that can make and prove these claims!In a short time after a burn and cure I found that I could reactivate the injury with the heat of the Sun or the likes of dishwater temperature leaving the recipient (with their permission) again with the excruciating pain of a second-degree burn. Treating the burn again, leaves the recipient with no pain after just a few minutes and just traces of a once forming blister. This demonstration uniquely leaves nothing for the skeptics.When I perform a burn and cure using a match or boiling water, the heat activates something in the body to deteriorate or kill the skin. The forces emitting from this device interfere with this something, stopping it's progression.Yes it was the match that initiated what would be a burn but it is not the fire or heat of the match that does the resulting damage (skin, shock etc) when someone calls you a ball of fire well you really, really are!.

  29. plasters dont work?? i got a second degree burn from tech at school holding the solder but plasters aint doing shit. pls helpp

  30. That's grate I got second I think I was making cookies 350 f soooo I touched the pan on accident and idk tell me what u think

  31. i get your supposed to go to emerge in serious situations but I just want to KNOW how doctors do it, i don't plan to do it but it's driving me nuts that i can't simply find the answer!

  32. Im pretty sure I have a 3rd degree burn because it is white and I feel no pain but its about an inch at the most. Should I seek professional medical attention?

  33. I got a big metal burn on my palm and the blister is like the size of my pinkie should I go to the doctor or keep it in water for the whole night?

  34. I had 2nd° burns on my face legs & arms never go to Chapel Hill, NC for burns they'll rip your skin off like mine. I told a nurse you touch me again I'll kill you I never was gonna do that those burns hurt tho lol them ripping the skin off didn't help! I had Seizures at the age of 9 to I was 20 had 2 brain surgeries been 5yrs seizure free they took a small piece of brain out where the right temporal lobe is!
    I had a stomach operation they had to rotate something in my stomach had my tonsils removed currently having a bypass surgery in a few weeks I'm 120lbs overweight but I'm the healthy overweight I can run 16.7mph I can do 13mi in 3 1/2hrs I exercise every other day I can loose the weight but can't keep it off that's pretty much it!

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