First Aid Tips : Treating Cat Bites

You know having a pet can be a pretty enjoyable
and fun loving experience. Hi I’m Captain Joe Bruni. What we’re going to talk about
is how to treat a common cat bite that occurs to us as an individual. Cat bites can be a
pretty traumatic experience for us as human beings. A cat bite can be superficial or could
be deep in nature. If it’s deep in nature, the first step would be to disinfect the area
and clean the area after removing the cat from the area. You would also want to check
to see if the cat has had a rabies vaccination from its owner and if this can be proven.
The area should be treated with some type of disinfecting material like sterile water
or other types of antiseptic solution. We would clean the area of blood, dirt or any
other formed debris and then wash the area with soap and water for approximately five
to ten minutes. After it has been washed and cleansed, we would apply some type of sterile
dressing or clean dressing if a sterile one is not available to the area and then wrap
the area with some type of clinger gauze or even tape it down with some type of medical
tape. Again, verifying that the animal has had a rabies vaccination is a very important
step. I’m Captain Joe Bruni, stay safe and we’ll see you next time.


  1. Make sure you keep an eye on the wound after you've dressed it. Cat bites are serious. If the area is still swollen after 24 hours and/or the redness around the area is spreading, call your doctor immediately. The infection could result in blood poisoning.

  2. cat bite me the other day it hurt so bad and i never care about the first aid aside from "i don't know what to do" i was also busy chatting lol but i went to a doctor and he give me a vaccine for the rabies. I hate that cat!!!

  3. To Durgaa. It doesn't matter if the cat is old or young or outside or inside, it can still carry infection.

  4. Not enough.   If you bit deeply by a cat call your doctor immediately.   You need antibiotics.  TRUST me on this.


  6. there was a little feral kitten that I thought was cute and stupidly picked it up , it went crazy biting me now I have like 50 holes in my hand HELP!! I don't know if it had rabies or not and I'm panicking

  7. my cat bit me it's like a scratch.I cleaned it with soap and then put an anti septic bandage on.Its all good right? or shall I be worried.She did not have any Rabies Vaccine but she does not Have Rabies.

  8. I'm worried , I'm 13 and I got bitten by a cat today it was swollen and it's gone down a bit after I had a shower but really worried for the morning….

  9. lol i got bitten by a stray, wild cat multiple times 2 days ago and its not that bad. I told my parents at the day i got bitten that i was bitten by a cat, they clean my arm and we went to an animal bite clinic. I feel better now.

  10. I did all that immediately I was bitten but still, look what happended to me! …… … Just out of hospital after 2 nights stay, intravenus antibiotics and an hour in surgery!! Bitten at 11.30am and my hand was like a balloon in just a few hours even after disinfecting and applying anticeptic immediately. I googled it and saw that hand bites are particularly dangerous so phoned 111(UK) and told to get to A&E immediately!! They put me straight onto intravenus antibiotics and had xray and tetanus injection. Hospitalised immediately for 2 night and surgery to clean out the wound under general anaesthetic (1 hour)!! Quite gobsmacked all this can happen so quickly as I've been around animals all my life and have never been hospitalised before for any reason (59!!) and felt I was wasting their time but they took it very, very seriously and said consequences of not treating properly can be severe or life threatening! Scary!! Still totally adore my cat – she thought she was biting the vet who was hurting her! She's still my little angel and is quite oblivious of all the chaos she caused !!! I call her my little tiger now!

  11. I have a question: I was bitten by a cat 1 month ago and got antirabies… and then got bitten yesterday again.. shoul I vaccinated again?

  12. My cat scratch on my hand with its teeth does it have rabies? Or do i get rabies? Just a small scratch but it bleed

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