First Aid Training and Waterproofing a Tent | Ep. 3

What a beautiful day! Perfect weather to
spend the afternoon outside. Which works out well because I need to get some work done on the rooftop tent. So, let’s … It’s really sunny outside.. Nice! The reason I’m putting up the rooftop tent is because.. when we bought
the Land Rover this tent was included but I don’t know for sure if the
previous owner maintained the tent very well so I’m going to apply a new
waterproof coating. But before I continue there are two small problems. One of them
is the sudden strong wind which is coming from all directions, so I’m hoping
I can apply the coating without it flying everywhere.
The other one is a piece of nature but that’s something I can take care of and
I will. Look at this oversized piece of weed just bashing against a tent. So, now I’m just going to clean it with
water, just plain water… man! go away.. just plain water but before I do
that I have to remove the rain cover on top So, first things first The reason I’m using just plain water is
because I did a little test on the fabric and it wasn’t that dirty so plain
water is just fine The tent is completely clean, going to
let it dry now and in the meantime we can work on something else inside the
garage. Right now I’m working on the front side drive. This is the part I’m
talking about it’s the swivel housing kit, this one is
on the left side and we’re working on the right side right now. We interrupt
our program to bring you this important message! Bear with me for a second
because it’s actually quite easy this is the bowl this is the axle like this then
you have this, this shaft and it goes in like this like -oh my ears- like this this, this shaft is what makes the wheels go you got this piece of metal, it goes like this… let me just drop this this is what makes the wheel go left and right it’s the stub axle… goes right here it’s so easy and on and on the stub axle -it’s the last part- this is
where the wheel.. this is the brake disc and this goes like like that and on this
end you bolt your wheels, that’s it easy! The reason I need to replace the
old parts, is because they’re all beat up look, if I focus a little bit.. like that.
You don’t need to be a car mechanic to notice that this is a goner First I need
to get this ring inside here perfect! Now let’s work on the other side Okay, that’s it. The swivel ball is ready.
But before you bolt this one onto the axle, you also need there it is, a rubber ring. It prevents dirt from getting inside. It’s also called a shit shield,
which i think is a funny word, and the reason you put this one on first is
because it is impossible to install it afterwards, as you can see. But first
we’re going to do something else. It’s all about this little piece of paper
it’s called a gasket, it creates a tight seal between two pieces of metal but
before I’m going to install this I’m also going to use some liquid gasket
that will fill up all these small gaps so you get a very very very tight seal Remember the shiny ring I knocked in
earlier it’s called a bearing race it’s like a little house for the bearing
itself fits perfectly but before we can install it we have to grease it, after
that we’re going to continue with the rest of the build of the front axle That’s it! Very happy with the end result.
Now it’s time to take off the sweater and head back outside Perfect it’s dry, so it’s time for phase two Ok. I think I did a pretty good job, most of the… waterproof coating landed on the tent itself and some of it may have
landed on the house and me included but overall pretty satisfied going to let it
dry outside for a couple of hours now and then I’m going to take it inside
because the total drying time is 24 hours after that the rooftop tent is ready for
the world trip. Ok, time for something completely different But first it’s time
to change clothes Much better! Right now I’m going to pick up Henriëtte
because tonight we have our first aid practical exam. We already did the
theoretical part online and we both succeeded. But now we have to prove in
real life that we can actually do it So, exciting times! All right we did it we
passed the first aid exam! Do you think it’s funny? Yeah, we did it!
Yes, I’m really proud of you -Thank you!- That we actually made it but -yeah- it was quite
necessary to do because on the roads we may come in very difficult circumstances
and we have to be able to help out each other of course we’re not doctors now but we can do some basic stuff, wound care, CPR and… Yeah, it was actually kind of fun to do the course We weren’t that serious
all the time but um I think we did alright now we know some stuff! Do you actually think we need to do first aid…? Thanks for watching! We would love it if
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  1. Gozert, met een stalen hamer een lagerring naar binnen trappen… Au! 🙂 Goed om die bak zo'n beetje helemaal uit elkaar te hebben gehaald. Dan weet je wat je kunt tegenkomen en het maakt de trouble shooting een stuk eenvoudiger.

  2. The preparations are in full swing! Do you have a very good preparation tip? Love it if you share 😃❤

  3. I guess that no preparation is the beginning of an adventure 😉 The Miley Cyrus joke was a good one! Cheers Max

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