First aid training. Our mistakes

Oh my God!
Damn! Help, somebody! His head is thrown back. Hold head, somebody. He is waking up little by little. Don’t lift your head How are you feeling? You fell down. He need to drink something hot. everything in blood Damn! It is hot. Hurt! Help! Somebody! Fuck! It is so hurt! Take it! Help, somebody, so hurt! What is going on here? It hurts more! Can I use alcohol? It is so hurt! Help! Panthenol Under cold water.
Under cold water. Pour straight into the wound. I have read that. Look! It is real blood. I feel bad Girl! Girl! What happened to you? What to do? Does somebody has smelling salts? Why does she need smelling salts? Lets just put her legs up! Just put her legs. Let’s raise it! No, no we need to put a cold. Girl! Girl! People, give a chair. And put man’s legs. Please! Why is he lying? He will wake up now. Say something, guy. Hey, dude, how are you feeling? We have to bandage Girl! Girl! Don’t push her, please! What happened with her? Why I don’t feel the pulse? Am I not measuring correctly? Yes. You measure wrong. Release her hand Let’s think the ambulance arrived. Thanks to all. Stop game. Is the blood real? Yes. First thing I say that blood is real. Everybody who was dirty with blood, look at that guy. I don’t know anything about his sex life. That is why right now. Lera has smelling salts, if you passed out, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide in order to washed the blood Urgently. Lera follow people washed the blood quality. Probability that they will die of AIDS has decreased They come and they think that they know something. or they think that they know everything. We let them to work practically. To realise that they know not all. Where they mistake, what they do right What do they really know What they know but they can’t do it. To see what’s stopping them. And then we figure out theory not abstractly. Sort of need to do like that. But directly. You must to do that, but you didn’t. Because of this, it did not work. But you did that well. So good job. When we analyze concrete actions of a specific person in a particular situation, theory is learnt far better You just said about your feelings They are going to say about their feelings. Inside. It is that many medics don’t have. Worked on the ambulance, brought a man to the hospital, gave him. or spent with him in reanimation day Went at home. Came back and you won’t meet with him anymore. You don’t know the feedback My head was dangling all time. Tried to bandaged it. It is so broken. And there’s more… I don’t know. What happened with them? It was generally calm Somebody said that everything is ok. Ambulance is going. First aid, pain relief (when you got burned) is a water. Pour cold water and the more the better. Someone poured panthenol on my hand It is good thing for next treatment but no for first aid. By the way it was good moment. This is a good example Put your hand who poured panthenol. I even didn’t read. Did you not even read?
Yes. I have realised what I did after. So you were given and you automatically poured. Yes. Vanya. How long did you hold your breath this time? fan to die My head was spinning from the blood. Everything went dark and I fell down. Then I waked up. Bright light. Some people. I don’t understand anything and they don’t understand anything. I worry How long did you hold your breath this time? So About a minute 30 seconds Did you check his pulse? Did you see that he was not breathing? No. I had doubts that he was choking. So because of that you turn him on his side I passed out because I saw blood. Everything went dark. I felt bad. My legs were put up. Tried to to fix me When I lay on my back, I was kept so that I did not move. Although I wanted. I didn’t know where to put myself. People tried to be near and help. It’s scary that you will be left alone in this situation So it is good that people were near. Tried to talk. And girl who gave me candy she took my hand and it was good feeling of a warm hand. I had no injuries I just want to be hysterical When I saw this picture: one is in the blood, second is on the chair and third is here. I came to every and tried to find pulse convinced everyone that it should be done like this. Somebody believed me, somebody not. Also I recommended to give sweet tea. Because I read it in life safety fundamentals book No one believed me luckily When I came to suffering I was banished. But they did it very roughly. Do we have something to wake her up with? Smelling salt. Somebody had it. Girl!
Where is smelling salt? Where is ambulance? How much time passed? I say about banish. If every suffering said that he didn’t like when Ira push him It means that you banish may be roughly but not effective First aid knowledge is very simple. It is difficult to don’t know it. But doing something is more difficult. If man knows everything but do nothing, If he just stuck and he understand – it is more simple task. Man come and say I’m afraid of blood After month he is not afraid of blood. We taught him. But when man say I know it and I know how to do but he is hiding in the corner Before teaching him we need to notice him in the corner and get him out of the corner. That is why we need practice before in order to see how people react. Unfortunately there are many moments where generally accepted opinion is categorically not true. There are world like Rub and warm frostbitten limbs And there are our national, soviet. I don’t know where from. Arterial venous bleeding is a Russian. No one english man has not heard about it. What I congratulate him on. Our goal is making people not afraid to provide first aid to help each other. to close people, to no close people. My personal goal I make my life safer. When there will be people who know how to provide first aid around me I and my relatives and close people have more chances if something goes wrong to be saved


  1. I can simplify your training. All 3 cases could have been handled like this: Yes, we PA-Cs have a dark sense of humor. But in my job people die, and you have to learn to deal with it. When healthcare workers are by themselves the humor can get pretty twisted.

    Early in med school all healthcare providers have to get BLS (basic life support) certification which teaches skills including CPR, AED use, and ventilation (intubation, etc). I would suggest this over the CPR courses normal people take. If anyone is interested, Google "BLS for Healthcare Providers."

  2. Hi Tanya,
    Good thing I caught on early that this was a training and not real. I won't have kind Russians hurt and especially my friends like you Tanya. It is good training. We have such things in the US as well. That guy with the fake blood who was the first victim played it well I might add.
    Oh, I wanted to ask you Tanya, do you have and use Skype at all? If so we can communicate with that as well. My friend Marta and I use it all the time. I want to ask you about a Russian vlogger that I suspect to be fake. (Of course, it is none of our loved friends like Valeria or Sergey or anything like that).

  3. em·pir·i·cism – the theory that all knowledge is derived from sensory-experience. Experience is good, best way to learn. It is impossible to experience everything, and hence School and text books. Problem with books is the word Fiction! Too many books are published bull-shit, hog-wash and otherwise propaganda.

  4. Tanya your acting was exactly perfect. I was an advanced life support paramedic for fifteen years. I taught doctors, nurses and even school teachers ACLS, NALS and PALS during my career…and you terrified me.
    The scenario was exellent! Someone will vasio-vagal during such tension. If you see this in real life then always remember that the person that has gone down in a faint has had a very brief loss of oxygen in the brain. Using ammonia capsules to revive the victim or shacking too hard and loud voices can make any nomal person to have seisures.
    treatment is calmness, quiet and the handholding is the perfect thing.
    Your syncope portrail was so perfect in timing to the event that YOU TERRIFIED ME! God bless you.

  5. You hit the table and Wham! Right on the floor! The Oscar for Best Stunt Performing goes to Tanya.
    Most classroom syncopal episodes start with a sitting followed by laying down. You just Whacked the floor. I was horrified!
    Вы попали в таблицу и Wham! Прямо на полу! Оскар за лучшую постановку трюков отправляется к Тане.
    Большинство синкопальных эпизодов в классе начинаются с сидения, за которым следует лег. Ты только что повредил пол. Я был в ужасе!

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