First Aid Treatments : How to Treat a Spider Bite

You know one of the common bites that occurs
across the nation and across the world is that of a household and common spider. Hi
I’m Captain Joe Bruni and what I’m going to talk about is how to treat the common spider
bite. It may be readily available to identify what type of spider has caused the bite injury.
It may be a harmless spider, or it may be a poisonous spider. Identification of the
spider would be key and important in helping to determine treatment. Wash the spider bite
area with soap and water and apply some type of ice or cold compress to reduce swelling,
while at the same time monitoring the area for signs that it’s been a poisonous spider
bite. Poisonous spiders will have redness and swelling along with possible pustules
forming or black and blue or purplish areas forming and obvious signs of reddening and
increased infection starting to set in. If this occurs, apply some type of constriction
type of bandage above the bite site injury to reduce and slow down blood flow to this
area. Remembering not to eliminate it completely. And then seek medical attention if it’s in
fact that of a poisonous spider. I’m Captain Joe Bruni, stay safe and we will see you next


  1. Well At first it swelled up After a few days It formed like a scab. After another day or 2 The scap pealed away leaving a lil hole underneith no more Pussing just white in the inside

  2. y'know, it would be nice with some pictures, i get the idea, but it would be much more practical that way, and no, i don't want you to get bitten, or find people willing to do so, i'm just talking about already existing pictures

  3. my cousin got bit in a bed that is 15 years we have bed bugs but the bite was swelling and red it had 2 punctures what do we do he had one on his arm and it went away but i dont know about this one n his hand. what do i do?

  4. I was got bit about an hour ago and couldn't find any critters in my apartment anywhere! but the bite clearly has two small punctures like needle pricks and is a little red. I have no idea what kind of spider bit me. I just washed it with soap and water and applied a band aid over it.

  5. I have just discovered this bite on my waist. I don't even know what bit me. I just saw the bite cause it was wide and well i noticed it. I tried applyinh some ointment on it but nothing happened it even grew wider. The bite doesn't hurt but it itches. Can anyone help me??? Pls?? If u have twitter go talk to me there @justinelunaa

  6. I have a bite of somekind idk. Its all red and big on my leg. But the next day the center of it got purple and it now be hard to walk. Cant tell if purple is sign of poisonous one or just so much blood. What u think it be?

  7. i got bitten on my top lip by a poisonous spider n ate dat bitch in my sleep n i poped it it bleed a little but im fine now

  8. hi my name is Ricky walker n I that bet buy a spider while I was sleeping and it's only a little bit of pain what can I do to get rid of the pain I am having on my foot

  9. You pretty much didn't say anything , you failed to explain a quick procedure , wow …. What about apply pressure or tourniquet or if it's handy a venom extraction kit USE it! You ain't getting my thumb up nor my subscription

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