First Aid Treatments : How to Treat Sand Flea Bites

You know one of the insect bites that can
leave one wondering what the proper treatment would be is the common sand flea. Hi I’m Captain
Joe Bruni and what I’m going to talk about is how to treat bites from a common sand flea.
The problem of the sand flea bite is that there will be a great deal of itching, and
some swelling at the localized area where sand fleas have attacked.The problem should
be attacked internally as well as externally. Some type of ibuprofen for pain and oral antihistamine
maybe in order to help reduce pain and itching. Then further treatment could include things
like a luke warm bath made with oatmeal that is added to the water, avoiding hot water
as this may aggravate the itching process. Things like aloe vera gel can be applied to
the area to help reduce itching or some type of hydro-cortisone cream can also be applied
to help reduce itching and swelling. Keep in mind that sand fleas can cause a great
deal of itching and discomfort and render the person as to wonder what type of treatment
is going to be effective. Internally and externally attack the problem with oral antihistamines
and ibuprofen and then oatmeal bath, hydro-cortisone cream or aloe vera gel. I’m Captain Joe Bruni,
stay safe and we’ll see you next time.


  1. camping in Key Biscayne i got murdered by these damn flees. i heard that ammonium alum powder kills them internally? is that true.

  2. My daughter got bitten at the beach and it lasted 3 yrs. Triderm cream proved very useful in curing the always wet sores. But it won't stop it outright. Internally, daily dose of vitamin C will help the body fight it. I also hear that a cure for sandfly bites is imminent. Any news on that?

  3. All this talk and what is it about? Just want to know how to kill them and what to use to avoid getting them? Only thing he told me was how to treat the bites once they happen. Waste of my time and tax dollars having a dummy, Captain Fire-Fighter tell me what I already knew.

  4. ?? Sand fleas burrow in the sand and are filter feeders of plankton. They actually bite humans? I use them for fishing all the time here in south fl.

  5. I got bite on both feet from sand flea. Worst itch ever. Lanacane cream was the only thing that helped. God, It was just awful.

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