First Responders receive special recognition during National Emergency Medical Services Week

First Responders receive special recognition across the country this week. Welcome to 59 news at 10. I’m Brandon VanSickel. RILEY: And I’m Riley Phillips. RILEY: We often hear the sirens and see the flashing lights as emergency responders are heading to a call…and this week, which is National Emergency Medical Services Week… we are saying thank you. 59 News Reporter Regina Gonzalez takes us beyond the call to show us what the job truly entails. VO over B-role of burns on body “Back when I was 12 in 2009, I got burned and when I was taken care of some medics actually by this company…after all the flights and all the medical stuff that I learned through my burns, I just really fell in love with the medical side. ” Addison Holshouser credits Emergency Medical Technicians for saving his life…and now makes it his job to do the same as an EMT Intermediate with Best Ambulance Services SOT- ADDISON HOLSHOUSER. EMT INTERMEDIATE FOR BEST AMBULANCE SERVICE I just love giving back to my community and helping them out, because I do love helping people. National Emergency Medical Services Week is dedicated to first responders like Holshouser …who risk their lives to help others every day. For him and fellow EMT Frank Treadway, working 2 to 3 day shifts is NOTHING as they are ready to respond to a call as soon as it comes in. SOT- ANDREW TREADWAY, EMT BASIC/ SHIFT SUPERVISOR FOR BEST AMBULANCE When you call 911 you’re going to go through our telecommunicator s in beaver, and they’re gonna see which ambulance is the closest to your location and they’ll give us what’s called a tone or a page out. STAND UP REGINA GONZALEZ As soon as dispatch pages for an ambulance EMS workers need to be out the door and on the road immediately, and as they’re devising a plan in their head on how they will treat the patient once they arrive. Special training prepares EMTs to assist patients on a stretcher…then use oxygen, certain drugs, or perform CPR. Houlshouser says some calls can be minor, while other calls are traumatic and admittingly rough for them to see. SOT- ADDISON HOLSHOUSER. At fist it can be nerve wrecking but you have to just take a deep breath, take it one step at a time, and just help your patients and just get them calmed down and to the hospital in a timely fashion. But Holshouser stresses that task will never stop him from giving people the care that was once given to him. SOT-ADDISON HOLSHOUSER. I was given a second chance at life with my burns, I pretty much died three times when I was burned, so I want to hand it cdown. porting in Raleigh County Regina Gonzalez News. BRANDON: Traffic across interstates in Southern West Virginia marks the start of Memorial Day travel. With the holiday, many people are hitting the road to spend time with loved ones this weekend. State police say the one big risk people make is texting while driving. You will see more law enforcement officers this weekend to ensure people aren’t driving distracted and causing potential harm to themselves or others on the road. Sgt. B.A. Wood: “It’s extremely BRANDON: Traffic across interstates in Southern West

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