First Step to Physician

The long journey trying to find out exactly
what I wanted to do, so it’s surreal. It’s like a dream come true. I wanted this since I was eight years old
and I have strived to just work hard to become a doctor. I think it is probably something that hasn’t
hit me quite yet. It is such a huge honor and opportunity. Oh, it was awesome! It was extremely gratifying. It feels like years of culmination of work
just coming to fruition when you step up there and they coat you – It feels amazing. As I was walking across the white coat stage,
I just could not stop smiling because I said, ‘I made it.’ I’ve made it to what I’ve been striving
to get to and I’m just super excited to keep the journey going. It was very exciting seeing – all of the
families and everybody come together. It’s really exciting to see yourself and
it feels very official to have a white coat on you. I can’t believe it’s happening!? It’s like I keep replaying and keep playing,
but once the moment has hit, it’s just, wow. It’s amazing – a dream come true. It was an amazing feeling to see everyone
there – to see them cheering me on as I put on this white coat. A dream come true – I’ve been dreaming
of this since I was a kid, so. One, two, three. Just the next step in the journey.

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