First Time Flying | Lele Pons

excuse me mister you know before this see welcome from the back oh and when can I order a drink please take your seat it’s my first time flying so really nervous please take your seat I’m new here please be nice to me please secrecy derp I’m gonna punch you the face what Diane has been like two weeks so if I don’t I’m trying smash ski see so set it up when I’m I sit there good me yeah glad go ahead and I am Center like I said bro I mean I’m down for honesty whatever yo man my bad brothers girl tweaking well but go back to them drugs let’s go with that hi I’m Lilly this my first time on a plane you don’t have a rosary no bro just put some money in a bag bro all right say everything else up for you all you gotta do a bag and taking some grandma time on a plane is three minutes after takeoff it’s happening it’s not negative of sleep but we all fart can I can you put that down please you know in the case of an emergency okay yeah yeah just you know what I’m just gonna dude shut up yeah shut up sir some respect it’s my son I’m disrespectful oh sorry language shut your mouth yeah shut up shut up [Music] can you just this is so cute three months old to be so loud I don’t care about your baby no worry you’ll have your turn to hold them I don’t want to hold your baby I think everybody here is really happy to have a beautiful baby like this beside him it’s fine are you ready or the bathroom I’ve never done it in the bathroom come on it’ll be fun um sweetie this is first class I think you have it a little confused oh no no no no I just want to pee no no you don’t have peasants here hold on she can pee yeah exactly I wanna be’s gonna pee my back there where you belong though this is first class you better get out of here this has nothing to do with money my father paid a lot of money for me to sit in this seat I’m not gonna share my bathroom with you okay I don’t really want to breathe the same air your era sirena hey don’t worry about it huh might be over there don’t you you won’t see me again good not like I want to see you again I’m not sure there no I don’t want to see you guys not so fast get back there you try No I still need a pedo that was quick thing not quick enough worst day of my life anything else howdy um you’re captain Kyle yes yeah I just you know came out here cuz my co-pilot you know he went to the bathroom you know [Music]


  1. I would've literally punched the kid in the face or did something worse t him if he kicked my sit and annoyed me no joke XD
    I would've been like BOI IF YOU DONTTT

  2. Flight attendant: please take your seat
    Lele:well it's my first flight
    Flight attendant: please take your seat or I'll punch you in the face 😀😁😁😀😀😀

  3. If you look closely, when lele hits her head on the roof of the plane, the little space where she put her stuff opens 🤣

  4. There was an ad in the beginning of the video it was a Chapters ad showing a girl that looked like Lele crying and meeting a girl who a second later got drunk trying to have sex with the girl that looked like Lele when she was drunk


  5. The first time I flew I was about 4 and every single time I had to sit down I started screaming but when I was able to stand… I was okay.

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