FIRST TIME IN INDIA! – Chennai/Goa Travel Film 2019 | TaneshhVlogs


  1. Im legit the " first " person in this comment section who commented after watching it fully. Brooo, you know who I am. You know how much this vlog means to me. I remember few months back when everyone was forcing you to upload this vlog asap,I texted you saying "take your time thalaiva, naa wait panre #tsquad" , because I know this is gonna be worth the wait. And i was not wrong. Anne, I've told you many times before and I'm saying it again…you're the one and only YouTube content creator that I admire. You're in your own zone. Thalaiva (Joshua)you're also the best . Thank you Anne for inspiring smaller content Creators like me. #TSQUAD

  2. Hi taneshh.. I hv watched all ur other vlogs frm day 1 u have started! Bt by far this is the most most superb vlog ever!!! I totally enjoyed!! Never been to Chennai bt after this… "podra Chennai ke ticket ehh" 😅 I seriously enjoyed every bit of this vlog!! Most awaited vlog ever!!! Keep rocking guys!!!! ❤❤

  3. I enjoyed this video very much, damn I miss Chennai a lot, gotta go back there soon
    That Rajinikanth sir house part – I was screaming in the room !!!!

  4. Amazing vloggg brother ❤️❤️❤️ never feel bored even a second in the video… Well probably how much do you spend for the 7 days ya?? Maybe it would help me to plan for chennai trip…

  5. NOW THIS IS HOW I WANT MY FIRST TRIP TO CHENNAI SHOULD BE!!!!! Man I cannot to wait to travel there with my friends 😩😩❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Good editing (way better than any other vlog edit is a huge step forward) and well explained about your 8 days trip at India, is definitely worth the delay. Keep it up hope you deliver the same sensation to us your fans & audience. 🙂 😉

  7. The feelin you got while standing infront of Rajini Sir's house was what I felt when i was infront of the house you were shooting in anne😍

  8. So beautiful the way narrative & the way the vlog was shot semma na super ji super ji finally I'm so glad to be able tune in to the vlog babyma

  9. Ouhhh yes finaly im waiting for this for months hell yeah thank you so much brother #taneshhvlogsawesome

  10. Other than Aquafina, Bisleri is quite good brand too. And you guys should have tried street food rather than hotel foods. The taste is like 😇😇

  11. Seriously I had to say the best vlog i watched.. thanks guys for super video.. hoping to do the same with my friends… good recommendation and experience

  12. Bro you should split to few episodes
    It will be more interesting and add curiosity

    Anyway I’m gonna support this and your video
    Because you are backpacking bro

  13. Bro I am ur big fan and the serial u said which is from sun tv is not actually sun tv serial , It's Vijay tv serial😝

  14. Did you know that Goa was once a Portuguese colony like Malacca?India gained Independence in 1947 from Britain, but Goa along with Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli (other Portuguese Indian Territories) and Puducherry (French Indian Territory) gained Independence much later.While France willingly gave Puducherry back to India, Portugal didn't do so with its colonies in India and this caused tension between India and Portugal.India initially decided to wait for Portugal to give up its Indian territories as She believed in Gandhi's teachings of Non-Violence and did not want to take Goa (and other Portuguese Indian territories) by force using the Military (and also since Portugal was a member of NATO and would not survive a joint attack of all NATO nations especially by its most powerful one: The USA since it was newly Independent).However an incident off the coast of Goa wherein the Portuguese fired upon (and killed) an Indian fisherman in his boat for accidently crossing into Goan waters prompted India to take action and to finally liberate Goa along with other Portuguese territories from Portuguese rule in 1961.

  15. Also, did you know that St Thomas of India, one of Jesus' Apostles who came to India is buried at St Thomas Mount in Chennai ?

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