First Time Wearing Make Up In 3 WEEKS! & Nursing School Clinical Advice

hey everyone welcome back to my channel today I am getting ready to film a video with Johnny on our other channel and I had to do my makeup so I decided why don't I just sit down and do a little quick life update and answer some of the questions you guys have had recently I also want to point out that this is the first time that I wear makeup in three weeks and I'll talk a little bit more about that later I thought it'd be cool to just kind of sit down have a little chit chat video where we just chill do my makeup and talk I had no plans for this video I kind of just realized that I had to get ready we already had the setup so I was like why not why don't I just sit in front of the camera and just do my makeup and talk to you guys I haven't posted in a while and I do have some new things that I've been going on I did get a new camera so this is the new camera it's a Canon EOS m6 and a new mic it's the rode mic I'll link it all down below but yeah let's get started we haven't filmed with this camera yet so I'm a little nervous I hope everything comes out ok they saw I'll talk first about the reason why I haven't more makeup in three weeks before I start putting on things I got a VIP oh if you guys haven't followed me on Instagram I'll link my Instagram account in the description and so basically at my job as many of you know I'm I work in plastic surgery we have an esthetician there I wanted to get my skin in a better shape I've always had acne and I got something called the VIP I still have a little bit of it left behind here on my cheeks but my face I'll insert some photos and you guys will see the drastic change from when from day one all the way till date six day seven I peeled for five or six days and then by the seventh day I was completely smooth my hands are clean by the way but when I touch my skin when I put on moisturizer and sunscreen it just feels so smooth it feels like the best way I can describe it it's like a child's face like super smooth and you know feel those bumps of course just touching the areas where I don't have acne right now where I have acne is still a little bumpy but it's nowhere near as bad as it was before I'm just so happy and gotten so many compliments and people have asked me what I did and for those that don't know so I will be inserting some photos here if you guys are interested I do have two more appeals I believe to go so I don't know let me know I did a little pull on Instagram when I had the VIP all done the first time if you guys wanted to see my progress and Instagram stories or in a video and some of you said ha it was a little bit like half and half but the majority wanted a video and there were some people that said both so I have two more treatments left and so yeah just let me know down them in the comments if you guys want to see the whole process also for that whole week I did an Instagram takeover in my job where I work and I posted every single day my progress and little videos if you guys are interested in that just let me know because I'd love to I'm I'm a nerd when it comes to stuff like that I like to see the process I like to ask questions so down below in this video just comment away so that I know and I get your feedback that's the reason why I haven't wear makeup I haven't worn makeup in three weeks because prior to the peel I just kind of let my skin do its thing and because I had started my skincare so prior to the VIP all I had stopped wearing makeup for a while and so today I was thinking about this is my first time that I wear makeup and I thought back and it's been a little bit over three weeks so that is crazy I've never gone that long without wearing makeup and honestly this whole process just taught me to love my skin more and just look in the mirror and accept the little spots and things that I my imperfections anyway so it has been a an eye-opening journey but I'm not wearing makeup to cover up because I can definitely now leave the house like this and I have been doing it for three weeks and it's been something that I've surprised myself doing but today I'm gonna be filming a video with Johnny like I said and I'm gonna be going to church and my skin is now not peeling anymore so I can wear makeup and I kind of miss it because I really like makeup I like playing around with colors and textures so I kind of miss it I'm gonna get started with my favorite foundation but it's not a foundation it's the it cosmetics bye bye foundation with SPF 50 it is a full coverage moisturizer so it's like a tinted moisturizer but it's not light coverage it's full coverage so I'm gonna take my ELF sponge that I've already moistened and I'm gonna just put a little pump and by the way yes I am really pale compared to the libary foundation this is in the shade light my face is a lot lighter than the rest of my body right now because of the peel I'm also on other skincare like hydroquinone and tretinoin but I promise you a little magical it will look good on the end my skin just looks a lot smoother than before wow that is crazy I didn't have that much glow and my skin was not that smooth until now and it's so weird I'm used to seeing a lot of bumps definitely see this product settling a lot better on my skin now it's going on so smoothly it's not getting stuck to any dry patches or anything crazy like that it is just gliding over my skin that is so crazy Wow there is a storm going on outside I don't tan the person that's always wearing sunscreen even on a cloudy day because I know how bad the sun's rays are for you and even on a cloudy day you should be wearing sunscreen now what I'm going to do is use my new favorite concealer this is the new ELF 16 our camo concealer I've always used the Tarte shaped tape this is a little mini one I got in my Ipsy bag I can't find the full size one but I love this it's almost like the same thing this is only five dollars but it's so good and it covers everything it lasts all day it sets a lot faster than the Tarte concealer so you kind of have to blend it quickly before it sets because it sets matte and after it sets it's kind of hard to blend and move around the shade that I'm using right now is medium sand I found this at Walgreens one thing I've had to overcome with this whole not wearing makeup and not wearing makeup was definitely an optional thing it's not like you can't wear makeup during the whole VIP process it's just gonna cling to those peeling areas the makeup doesn't look good or wear well I just too to give my skin a break but and I'm taking a little bit of what's left over and putting it on my eyelids because I have some little capillaries there and it's a nice base for my eyeshadow later so one thing that I kind of had to get used to was not covering up my under eyes which is another skin insecurities that I have besides my acne I've always had under-eye circles it's just darkness and it's hereditary my mom has it I'm gonna fix this light okay that's better so that's something I've had to get used to because now everybody can see my under eyes and no matter how much sleep I get I do have some darkness under my eyes I'm just gonna take a little bit of that and highlight the center of my face maybe a little bit here I feel like Bob Ross maybe let's get a little bit domino's paint a little trees a little stick so I want to post more nursing it's hard doing my makeup and lighting that I'm not used to what was I gonna ask I was gonna say oh so I do want to post more nursing related videos on my channel I have one that I have in mind coming up and that is after I was able to kind of have a conversation with somebody on Instagram and she reached out to me she is a new graduate nurse and I felt so nice just getting to talk to somebody that went through something I went through that was very scary when you first get thrown on the floor and you have to I mean the nursing floor like the unit not on the floor floor but that you have to just there are a lot of things you have to overcome and since that was a little while ago I kind of forgot that that was a need that people had to get advice on what how to handle certain things and I gave her some advice and it really helped her and I was like wow this is why I do what I do where does my Laura Mercier powder excuse me so I went to get the powder from the bathroom and I saw my face and I couldn't believe it that's so crazy I mean the lighting here is differ then over there but I've just done a while since I've seen my skin so smooth and you can see back on that video that I did on Tarte that my skin was pretty bad I set my under eyes first but before I think I've talked about this in that video too but before I go ahead and put powder on there I don't know if you guys can see these little creases here that the product accumulated underneath lend that out first so yeah it's it's crazy because once you've been a nurse and you've overcome those early stages of Nursing at least for me I kind of forgot the struggle cuz you're past that struggle so in that moment when I was talking to her I was like oh my gosh it brings back memories of when I was first on the floor and the struggles that I went through and we all go through them in some way or another I'm just putting a little bit of powder here in my laugh lines so that I don't get the same thing that happens underneath my eyes I'm also gonna set right on those little problem areas I'm going to charge right after that I'll have to superset my face and before I started my makeup I do want to point out that I used my look everything I'm holding is my post peel protectant and my sunscreen from the VIP all kit that I got and set the rest of my face the one video about nursing that I don't think I could film is how I studied for a nursing school and I know a lot of you guys asked me that but I really don't have an answer and I don't remember how I studied that's so crazy I don't remember how I did that I just know I passed and I got good grades and the only thing I can think that I did different was signed and different I just I looked at the powerpoints I wrote my notes and sometimes I rewrote my notes and I would just look at them before test and I don't know in nursing school was different a different kind of studying than in other classes before nursing school because nursing schoolmates sentence like you put me in government and economics and I'm not gonna do well in that class and that's what happened in high school and in college classes I didn't really have an interest in it was really hard for me to grasp the material but anatomy physiology microbiology those classes I did really good in and with not a lot of studying which I know it's not the same case for everybody and yes I did struggle in nursing school but it was a different kind of struggle like the test we're just the tests were horrible I didn't like taking tests and I'm not a good test taker anyway it's like I have problems understanding the questions and then in nursing school the questions are like out to get you I don't know like the questions don't make sense sometimes you study for certain materials and you just end up you you don't end up seeing what you studied for and that's so discouraging while you're taking the test is like crap I just studied for all of this but I do not see it it makes me feel like all that time that you were studying it was like for nothing and then on top of that you don't know the answers to the other questions that sucks or the way that the word the question is the wording it's so strange like you will know if you're in nursing school you know what I'm talking about it's like nothing else so I'm gonna take my tart Weekender palette and it has a bronzer a blush and a highlight so yeah it was definitely a struggle in nursing school with certain things certain tests but you kind of have to go go with it in my opinion nursing school doesn't really teach you how to be a nurse per se it gives you the foundation but you learn how to be a nurse in the world as a nurse when you're practicing and you don't get to really have the closest to that experience that you get is during clinicals so that's why I always encourage anybody who asked me about this kind of thing is to get in there and clinicals I know some professors give you work to do while you're in clinicals and I'm so against that I think you if you're in clinicals and you're there for those hours you need to be hands-on the whole time you shouldn't be on the computer unless you're looking up like patient information labs and things like that but I see kids bringing their laptops bringing their books bringing stuff like it's never that dead on the floor that you can't find something to do and if you can't find something to do with your preceptor or the person that's with you you should ask around and ask your permission from your instructor to see if you can ask other nurses or ask your instructor to see if there's anything that's going on on the floor because I guarantee you if your preceptor is not busy enough or is not doing things that you've never seen there's somebody else on the other side of the unit that's putting in a Foley catheter or is we're starting an IV or is packing a wound or something that you can see and that's that's what I encourage people to do is just to get yourself out there even if those experiences don't come to you you have to go and find them because it's not always going to be that easy and talk to your classmates you know see what they're what they've done that day and see if they have a a cool patient that they're closely following try to squeeze as much as you can out of your clinical experience because that is what that is the closest thing to what you'll be doing as a nurse if you are going to be in the hospital setting I highly encourage to really dive in during clinicals and you know be off your phone be off your your assignments don't do your homework there like you'll have that time after and trust me like if you if it's that important to you to study for that test you will make time for it but while you're in clinicals please just like focus on clinicals and like talking to them and talking to the nurses even if your patients are not talking talk to the nurses talk to your classmates and make the best of it cuz that's what we did that's what I did the blend and that blush – it'll all look good at the end so I just had to go check because doing my makeup and this lighting is really different than the other lighting that I'm used to which is in my bathroom so at times it doesn't seem like I'm putting up putting on enough and then other times I look in the mirror or I look in the camera the viewfinder and it looks like I'm putting a lot so I don't want to look crazy I'm going to church after so yeah trying to keep it looking nice then with highlighter it's hard to get like a nice clean glow like that because I'll often have like bumps along my and some toes I don't even put on highlighter and sometimes go for my and don't worry any highlighter because of that reason because I'll have bumps and I don't want to accentuate them a little bit on the tip of my nose just on the bridge of my nose little tiny bit there goes Bob Ross again a little tiny bit on the tip of the nose just ever so slight ever so slightly on the tip the nose on the Cupid's bow I didn't pick out a lipstick I think I'm just gonna go ahead and wear my lipstick now I'm gonna wear at the NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade Cannes and I love this I've gone through two bottles of this it's just so soft it stays on for hours and I'm running out it's not like a matte drying lipstick it's like the name says soft matte so we were to explain so right now it's kind of shiny but it does set down to more semi matte not super matte I like that because it's not super drying and my lips can move easily it's not like stiff I'm gonna take my ELF eyebrow pencil in taupe I got it for Christmas as a gift with other makeup and I had no idea that elf made such good bread pencils and then I went to go get another one and I saw that it said America's number one brow pencil apparently people really like this I used to use the it cosmetics Universal taupe pencil and I would just keep repurchasing that and that and it's just kind of hard to go to Ulta sometimes because target is closer so it's just easy to be able to pick this up anywhere I go so I'm just gonna fill in my eyebrows and talk as I'm doing it where was I back to I don't know where I was but I think I was talking about nursing school and clinicals that is just from my personal experience oh yeah I was talking about like being on task when you're in clinicals it's hard because it's it's like it's a new scary place and while you you've been there for weeks you kind of get used to the flow and you're like it's just the same old same old here especially if you're in a unit that you don't really find that interesting so and that happened to me I was in a neuro unit and it was kind of like a med-surg I was kind of like a med telly and had some neuro patients but a lot of it almost seems like a nursing home I didn't really find it that interesting until I just decided to take ownership of the situation and get out there and find things that interested me like I I wrote down I remember doing this with every clinical I remember pointing out the things that I needed to work on the skills that I had not yet accomplished either that I haven't gotten a chance to do or I did but I didn't do them that confidently so I would just write them down in a little to-do list and then I would write down the ones that I've already accomplished and that was good because it kept me on track okay what am I going to look for when I'm going to clinicals today I'm gonna try to see if I can find a patient that I can start an IV on or I haven't I haven't done wound care or I haven't taken care of a patient that has a colostomy so I can look just challenge yourself because that's how you're gonna learn and if you just kind of wait around for things to fall in your lap they may not and then you're gonna not get the most out of your clinical experience not only that but you're just doing a disservice to yourself because that's when you're supposed to be learning the most that at least in my opinion I had a professor in college in my speech class it was in my first year of college and she said something that I still remember to this day because it spoke to me she said that in life no matter what you're doing this is weird I have one eye broadening but not the other but in life it's important to stay on task with what you're doing in that moment so if you're in class being in class put your phone away if you're at the gym be at the gym if you're at the dinner table with your family be on the dinner table with your family like be present in that moment and don't do other things that will take your attention away from it if you're if you're at church be at church and when you're in a certain place in time just be there presently with all of your senses with all of yourself because that's how you're gonna live in the moment if you're in class but you have your computer out and you have like 18 tabs of different things you're not really there you're just halfway there so you may miss things that are going to be spoken this applies to not just school but anything in life and in relationships when you're with someone you should be there presently like I'm the kind of person that I don't like to be on my phone when I'm with somebody let's that person know that you have something else that you want to do at the same time that that person is talking to you so it's a good principle to live by and I that helps me stay on task with whatever it is that I'm doing so that I can get it done faster and more efficiently and be present so that way I can remember things it's not a super fine tip it's more for like filling your eyebrows in I am curious to try the Maybelline master tattoo it's kind of like a it looks like a micro bleeding thing I don't know how to describe it it's like a pinky pen and it does little hairlike strokes but in threes I don't know maybe I should try that I can't even see if that looks good I'm kind of looking at all angles here but I don't like my eyebrows to be super sharp like the Instagram eyebrow eye I like them to look like natural eyebrows and even if they're a little bushy that just looks I think it looks more natural complements my face better than doing like a super drawn on eyebrow with concealer and no no no watch I'll get up from here and I'll start tweaking my makeup I think I'm just gonna stop there I shadow it cuz I don't I don't have to do anything but I have it right in front of me so I I guess I could I'm gonna take my Urban Decay single eye shadow and sin let's take a little tiny brush put this in my inner corner maybe a little bit on my brow bone a little bit and then for the rest of my eyelid I'm gonna grab my Tarte Pro to go palette shade Drive sometimes I will only put bronzer right on my crease and that's pretty common for me to do I've never done a sit-down talk through makeup thing where I just talk to you guys about stuff and I didn't plan on it so I don't have like any topic points in my head and when you normally talk out loud you're usually just talking to a person's so that person's talking back to you and this is just weird because there's just a camera and you guys are not talking but you can talk in the comments if you want another spawn just to get it all over I'm not being super precise with this at all just to get a little bit cut a little bit of color maybe I'll use the shade crisp so if you guys have any nursing video ideas you can also leave them down below or message me on I try to read as much as I can I will sometimes to reply to you guys but sometimes I'll be at work and I'll read something and I forget to reply I'm so sorry but I do want you to feed back and I want to be posting more consistently on this on this channel as well I'm gonna grab a this what I meant to grab well it will work um this is this is just a flat shader brush to use that same shade crisp right on my lash line to give some definition or if you guys have any other video ideas doesn't have to be nursing either you guys can comment down below so Johnny and I want to post on our together channel and Johnny and Priscilla I'll link it down below that's someone that we're gonna film today for and we want to post on there too we just got this new camera so this is like a super nice vlogging camera and yeah we just want to take take you guys along with us for whatever comes our way and be here for any advice if you guys have any questions I think it's really cool and YouTube is such a powerful platform and I just want to spread the joy okay so now I'm going to apply a little bit of mascara on my lower lashes this is the Too Faced better than sex mascara and I'm going to lightly coat my lashes this is a huge brush so I'm trying to be careful to not get my lashes at the top I kind of want to do it my husband does my makeup challenge because he has a little bit of knowledge just by hearing me talk about makeup and watching me sometimes but actually doing it funny I'm thinking like he'll be just applying things maybe out of order I don't know it might be a super ng to watch and I might just go back to change a few things cuz the lighting here is different than what I'm used to so I might have missed certain things but that is the finished look I can't really tell but I guess we'll go with this and I'll tweak whatever I need to tweak so this was a nice chat I didn't think I was gonna go the nursing school route but I'm kind of glad I did um my powder on my shirt it's kind of nice just being spontaneous sometimes and in the moment and going with the flow because I tend to be a planner of things and then I end up not doing it because I haven't planned on it so it's nice to just be spontaneous every now and then and just put up a video so if you guys liked this video just give me a thumbs up or comment down below I really enjoyed talking to you guys and reading this as comments and now I'm getting ready to go so I can film the other video with Johnny and I will talk to you guys later bye hmm


  1. Ideas: -bedside etiquette
    – in depth routine while on duty
    -how to manage time while on the floor
    – how to deal with rude/difficult patients
    – how to explain a loss to a relative of patient
    – how to interview for nursing jobs

  2. We live in a society that tries to convince us that Sunblock, moisturizer and toners is a must. Let me tell you, my face can be so clear and once i start using products i break out. Dont stay out in the sun, dont use cream moisturizers and if toner breaks you out STOP USING IT!

  3. Your makeup looks great! I have the same tarte eyeshadow palate, it's my favorite go to! I just did a GRWM also and felt weird and ended up talking through it too but then I end up rambling too much Haha.
    Funny, I was thinking of my husband doing my makeup as well but scared cuz he doesn't know anything about makeup Haha

  4. I remember studying day in, day out till library closed and kicked us out. Our library would be full of nursing students at night, no one else Haha

  5. I can definitely see the difference of your makeup from tarte video to this one. Nursing tests are crazy! I sucked at government and psych classes but nursing I did well but oh boy it was hard core studying for me. I dont know how I managed 3 jobs and a social life cuz nursing took a lot of my time.

  6. Yes I have been on the lookout for more videos! Currently in nursing school and yes questions are out to get you lol all the answers are correct which one is best 😩🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Yayya!!!! You are sooo pretty you are an inspiration. I'm a medical assistant in ob/gyn but trying to finish my prerequisites to hopefully get into the nursing program after. Thanks for posting!(: you go girl😊😊🙏 do you recommend anything for bad dark circles?:-/ like besides make up 😣

  8. Thank you for the video. Post more often. I recently passed nclex and now just in the struggle to get my very first nursing job, it is funny because a lot of the things nurses do in this country I used to do it in my country as a doctor but apparently it is not enough here. Anyways again post more videos often and your skin looks amazing.

  9. Yay! ❤️💖I missed your videos girl! Btw you look very pretty without make up! I will subscribe to your other channel! & I want to see your progress please!

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